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Originally Posted by TuralyonW3 View Post
and yet they still sell shows to 10-15k fans, which few rock bands do
There's definitely still some name recognition with the band. They still get written about, whenever there's a music festival they're in they are still listed as the headliner even with other recognizable names on the bill. I remember that the reunion tour didn't sell as well as expected but they could get away with playing the arenas even if they weren't packed. Although considering the album sales a lot of the people attending those concerts don't have a lot of interest in the current output. But there's no doubt the band still has some social currency. Billy is still interviewed by Howard Stern and Zane Lowe. People can draw their own conclusions about those guys but they are able to interview the most popular music stars in the world, so it does show that SP is not out of the picture completely.

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