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The fact that we still have people who think like this in the year of our lord MMXXII makes me think that stupidity and superstition aren't going to ever be relegated to the history bin by some forward march of progress, communications technology, and education. They will be with us forever.

It also seems to be more about personality traits than intelligence. Perfectly smart people with degrees can still fall into this conspiracy stuff, and often use their intelligence to better rationalize and convince themselves of their positions than stupid people can. What unites the stupid and smart people who think that there are microchips in vaccines seems to be a basic attitude to the world based on fear of the unfamiliar, and the narcissistic need to feel like they have insights into how the world works that the average "sheeple" lack.

Of course, this stuff is aggravated by certain political and financial motives, but though we'd have fewer of these people if not for Trump, Fox News, and social media platforms that make their money from engagement, we'd probably still have a whole lot of them, anyway. And we always will. We're never getting some sci-fi utopia where everyone is a philosopher-scientist critical thinker.

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