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Originally Posted by ilikeplanets View Post
Yeah, I was first prescribed xanax when I was 14, around a year before I got into drugs. I was pretty severely anorexic then, so they didn't have a lot of options to get me to calm the hell down quickly. I think in most cases it's not great to give xanax to a high school freshman. When I took them recreationally/self medicated from that point on, my tolerance was always high. They were never my drug of choice the way weed and opiates were, although I did have a bad habit with them at a couple of points. I know the dangers of quitting cold turkey, but that's how I did it every time and the discomfort passed within a week. I don't think the dosage I took was ever astronomical. I had a friend who could take 10 mg in a day, for instance. Most people I know that have done them long term for anxiety and are not drug addicts haven't ever had a problem, besides getting them stolen when the wrong person discovered them.
Your use was very similar to mine in that they never were a drug of choice and I never took huge amounts, but they were in the mix and calming. I did actually use them as prescribed for a while, though I was already smoking heroic amounts of weed. I did, probably a few dozen times, take one or two bars with the intention of forgetting the entire day. The only times I ever had a tolerance and experienced withdrawal, it was from a very small amount, like .5mg I had been taking daily. And I just felt really anxious and couldn't sleep for 3 or 4 days.

I guess if you made me choose I'd say 1-2mg a day is a moderate dose, above that is high, and above like 4mg is very high. Most people will black out or have very hazy memory at 4mg even with a little tolerance, IME. But of course it depends on length of use. The benzo addicts I knew were in the 4-20mg range daily (xanax or kpins). And they often drank on top of them, which is blackout city for most people.

I'd love to be able to take 1mg of Xanax and get a really good nap in once or twice a month.

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