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Yeah, I was first prescribed xanax when I was 14, around a year before I got into drugs. I was pretty severely anorexic then, so they didn't have a lot of options to get me to calm the hell down quickly. I think in most cases it's not great to give xanax to a high school freshman. When I took them recreationally/self medicated from that point on, my tolerance was always high. They were never my drug of choice the way weed and opiates were, although I did have a bad habit with them at a couple of points. I know the dangers of quitting cold turkey, but that's how I did it every time and the discomfort passed within a week. I don't think the dosage I took was ever astronomical. I had a friend who could take 10 mg in a day, for instance. Most people I know that have done them long term for anxiety and are not drug addicts haven't ever had a problem, besides getting them stolen when the wrong person discovered them.

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