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Originally Posted by ilikeplanets View Post
I guess SSRIs are good for actual depression patients, but they really don't help many with anxiety, and they are VERY often prescribed for that. I had every side effect you listed, so that's just not worth it. I'm not a true depression patient though, so maybe that's why I don't feel like they help.

The main problem I've had with benzos, both prescribed and personally obtained, is that the tolerance builds so very quickly. What half a pill took care of 2 months ago now requires 2 pills. I haven't used any meds in 5+ years because my symptoms are managed without them, thankfully. Just bothersome enough to ruin half a day every couple of weeks with panic.
Yeah, I feel you. I have moderate anxiety I'd say, with a few panic attacks a year, but my main coping mechanism is dissociation so it's much better than it would be otherwise. I'm sorry you had all those side effects.

Did you first take benzos before you were taking drugs recreationally? I think it pretty much always builds in people, but that seems super fast. But it does build fast regardless and there's definitely a difference between missing a day or two of an SSRI and starting to feel a little bad after that and missing a day of Xanax and being in full panic and in danger of having a seizure at moderately high tolerance.

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