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Originally Posted by reprise85 View Post
People do take benzos for acute anxiety, but there's a high chance of abuse. I think if someone can keep their dose to a reasonable amount and not abuse them then benzos are fine. But the longer you go taking them, the more likely you'll develop problematic behaviors.

While SSRI withdrawal will make you want to die, benzo withdrawal can actually kill you.

SSRIs are great drugs. They work for most people who take them. The problem with them is the side effects. Sexual side effects, increased anxiety for some, weight gain, zombification, etc. The next frontier are ultra-selective drugs in an attempt to get rid of the side effects.

If someone can get on psych meds (of whatever kind), get treatment, and get off them in under a year, that would be ideal. People do this, usually after some even like divorce or death of spouse, etc. And some people have anxiety with specific phobias, and that might be doable for them as well. Otherwise, I look at it like having type 1 diabetes.
I guess SSRIs are good for actual depression patients, but they really don't help many with anxiety, and they are VERY often prescribed for that. I had every side effect you listed, so that's just not worth it. I'm not a true depression patient though, so maybe that's why I don't feel like they help.

The main problem I've had with benzos, both prescribed and personally obtained, is that the tolerance builds so very quickly. What half a pill took care of 2 months ago now requires 2 pills. I haven't used any meds in 5+ years because my symptoms are managed without them, thankfully. Just bothersome enough to ruin half a day every couple of weeks with panic.

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