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Depression medication has done almost nothing for me.

No side-effects or dependency, so that's good. But also pretty much none of what they are supposed to do, either. I dunno. The shrink had me try a whole bunch before throwing his hands up and going, "I don't have a fucking clue." The counseling side hasn't been much better. Somebody letting me vent for an hour does nothing to actually change my life. Sometimes I think mental health is a meme.

I don't even know how to go about finding stats for remission for mental health problems, or if "remission" is even the correct term. Like, a lot of physical diseases, we measure success by the person either no longer being afflicted with the disease, or being able to manage it in a way that lowers the disease's impact on their life. Have dermatitis? Here's a treatment. We'll know it's a success once you stop having dermatitis. Have a chronic illness like diabetes? Here's insulin. Sure, you'll have to stick a needle in your arm every day, but we'll know it's a success if your blood sugar levels are regulated and you stop collapsing on the floor every day.

Depression? Uh, well, you're in the danger zone if you want to kill yourself. Maybe success is just making life tolerable enough that you live your natural life span instead of killing yourself, even if you were miserable the entire time and held out on the promise that "things will get better." You survived. The guy dangling from his ceiling fan didn't. Or maybe success means actually feeling normal one day. I don't fucking know.

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