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Originally Posted by MyOneAndOnly View Post
it's been years since I was off Zoloft. This was the worst withdraw i've ever had. I didn't once think it was my meds. I was starting to have weird conspiracy thoughts.

It makes me wonder whether i'll ever be able to stop taking this shit. Like... does taking these meds make it so my body won't ever be able to function on its own?
Most likely, yes. But how well was it functioning on its own before?

When I go down too fast on meds I start getting preoccupied with suicide in about two weeks, and it seems sudden and scary, but that's legit how I was all the time before that. So taking it away is just making me like that again, just suddenly this time instead of it taking years. That's the way I look at it anyway.

I have been going down on meds for the past year or so and want to be on as little as possible, but I don't expect to ever be off. The goodish news is there doesn't seem to be any long-term problems with most antidepressants on any other part of the body.

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