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Originally Posted by MyOneAndOnly View Post
I keep my meds in one of those pill trays with one compartment for each day of the month. Somehow when i loaded it for January i didn't ******* my SSRI. And then didn't notice until This Tuesday.

holy fuck don't go cold turkey if your'e taking a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Even when I have stopped my meds intentionally i tapered off. By last weekend I was so ass backwards i had convinced myself that we had a natural gas leak in our house and that i had a brain tumor.
Yikes, sorry to hear.

If I forget to take my night meds I won't be able to sleep, so I never miss them (no sleeping pills or anything, but I guess they calm me enough to sleep), but if I miss Cymbalta for 3 days I start feeling fucking terrible. I can't imagine two weeks...

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