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Originally Posted by ilikeplanets View Post
Everyone I've known who has taken them for any length of time hasn't been able to come off of them. I'm sure people do, but it seems like many are to be unable to function again without them. I'm not any sort of expert, and maybe it's just the depression causing them not to function off their meds, but there's definitely a lot of horror stories. I don't think I have true depression, but I have been prescribed SSRIs for my anxiety, and it was always a total mismatch for me. Plus the side effects caused anxiety and insomnia, among other things, so that just compounded my problems. Pass.
i fucking hate how they prescribe ssris for anxiety. i want acute treatment, none of that fuckin 'take this every day for 6 weeks and become dependant and maybe you'll feel better' shit


i don't know if this is true, but i feel like if you had a steady, legal supply of benzos it would be okay? they're not neurotoxic? and the doctor could give doses to taper off no problem

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