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Originally Posted by AveryLoren View Post
About a month later there is some hype for Billy's work on the Ransom soundtrack. I remember watching the movie and not really hearing anything SP sounding at the time.

1997: I finally get the Ransom Soundtrack and Billy's songs have some cool moments but feels a little aimless.

I do not remember the song Christmastime during this period for some reason.
Oh yeah, I forgot about Ransom. I got both of these. Ransom made me almost worried, since they sounded very "techno" to me then and I was worried rock songs were completely over. Also, you had the TEITBITE remixes and 1979 remixes around this time which were very electronic as well.

I remember getting A Very Special Christmas 3 and, later on, Sweet Relief II (with Sad Peter Pan) at this little dingy record shop. I don't even remember anything else about the albums except that there was a terrible No Doubt song somewhere. Side note though, No Alternative is awesome as a whole.

Adore was definitely seen as Billy has gone weird. They tried to make another 1979 with the Perfect video and, I'm sorry, Billy, but you should never wear a cowboy hat. And he was also on Regis & Kathy Lee around this time.

It definitely felt like BC thought he failed with Adore so he went back on his "rock is dead" gimmick, but by then the 'failure' had affected him so profoundly that it was the majority of what he was thinking and therefore writing about. Thus songs like TEG and HMM.

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