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Originally Posted by brothahi4L View Post
Some actas if sp was the biggest band in 1998...

Come on....those interested in music toppled over sp on alt radio....but the rest has never heard of sp...

Ok, 2 great alternative album... But that was it...

Led zeppelin, beatles stones, etc.... They play in a total different league..

Sp was never a mass phenomenon...
They absolutely were the biggest band in America for at least 6 months. Beatles level? No, of course not. But BWBW was a big hit and then Tonight, Tonight was the biggest video of the year by far. It was seen as a great song and the video was seen as a masterpiece of the era.

By 1998 the biggest bands were like boy bands (actual bands like Hanson and singing groups like Backstreet Boys), "light" rap like Puff Daddy and Coolio and Tupac, etc.

Karma Police and Paranoid Android were very popular songs but too weird and/or long to be as big as something like 1979.

In America.

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