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I never understood the RH was more successful than SP arguments.
Both bands have sold about 30million records worldwide to date (and it took RH all the 2000's to catch up while billy's been fucking around destroying his career)
billy has a net worth of 60 million - thom york @ 45 million....
SP did the free album online in 2000 with machina 2, while RH did inRainbows 7 years later.

adore did suffer from bloat, but SP fans were ravonous and giving us a million songs is what fans had been used to. TAFH box set, PI, b-side compilations.... KidAmnesiac was split into two releaes. RH just arn't as prolific songwriters. Billy knows he's got more and more songs in his well - the well is deep. he just suffers from production issues. going against the grain made him rich, for adore, it didn't work.

his mom died. now with his fathers passing we should get the adore sequel.

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