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Originally Posted by eviltimeban View Post
SP took all those things (new style from out of nowhere, image change etc) and employed them on Adore, but it didn't appeal to the general public. Where the Beatles were still cute with their moustaches and shiny military suits (and Radiohead didn't really have an image to start with), the bleak Nosferatu gothic look wasn't going to appeal to many, especially in the summer of 1998 (which I think I remember being a pretty good summer weather-wise).
Musical merits aside, attitudes played a big role, imo.

BC all of a sudden wanted to play the matured artist, suit, tie, rock is dead. On the Adore tour he dressed like a background actor in Chicago PD, leather jacket, elegant, all black.

I bet most people had this sense of “oh playtime’s over, now it’s serious”.

Radiohead on the other hand were more like “we got ourselves new toys and we’re having fun”.

Btw you fucking hate Radiohead, don’t you?

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