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Originally Posted by pavementtune View Post
Whenever somebody mentions this 21+ underage thing I feel like having grown up on another planet. I can't imagine what my life would have been like.
I'd like to think "better" but that's likely an illusion.

Legal fucking age: 14
Live music venues: 14
alcohol in pubs: 16 legally, actually 15

I might have been mostly sober even at 20 with different laws. But probably not.
I know right? The 21 thing is bullshit. Im old enough to work full time but not old enough to drink? The fuck is that shit? I wouldnt be surprised if people off themselves because of the law, Ive come way too close.

What happens to a lot of 19 year olds like me, is that they live a sheltered life, and then they meet a messed up girl who fucks them over hardcore and then they have to suffer in agony for 2 years before they can start drinking and meeting people.

This has happened to all my underage friends and myself.

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