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Originally Posted by reprise85 View Post
I was once sent to see a occupational therapist (i also once dated an occupational therapist but let's not get into that, jesus no) when I insisted I needed a proper shrink (even those are fairly useless) because pretty much their shrinks couldn't take any more patients. so I went once and she was so full of shit, it's pretty much like the above strip, cognitive behavorial therapy (which I do realize the point of is that depression is an illness). That being said though... this opened up my eyes in a way that the reason this is the kind of therapy they try to give because there's no real therapy that can help anyone. I really don't believe it.

The fact is...when it comes to depression, I mean I GET that it's a vicious cycle you know, you need to do something about your life but you can't because you're so depressed about it, but regardless, there is nothing else you CAN truly do. It might just be my personal experience but no one, no drug or no therapy nothing is gonna save me. At some point you need to just shut the fuck up and kill yourself or actually do something. Or just..shut the fuck up and accept your depression anyway and the fact that you will never do anything worthwhile with your life (i'm kinda between that and doing something...I alternate...I do something to help my life then think why the fuck do I care it's never gonna amount to anything).

I'm curious here has anyone ever had therapy that worked and what was the approach? The shrink I saw a few years ago basically realized that I knew all that was wrong with me and that she couldn't help me because she could only suggest for me to do things that I had no intention of doing. All therapy only works if you do something to help yourself. So yeah, you need to in fact shut the fuck up and do something. And like I said if you can't because your life situation won't allow you, then probably death is the option for you. It's not a big deal. Not everyone is cut out for this thing, or some have been dealt such a shit hand that's all they can logically do.

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