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Well no to be totally clear I don't actually have MS
I had a single demyelination attack in 2006
I've never had another, none of my subsequent MRIs have turned up anything
So it just doesn't fit the criteria, like the "multiple" part :|
At the time I told everyone I had it, I posted in the private club section of the board and told a bunch of close associates because I'm miserable and everything is doomsday but it was literally what happens to people with ms but after a couple years I stopped seeing my neurologist, but I am a devoted hypochondriac and it it is fairly likely that anyone who had an attack develops the full blown disease eventually but I mean 8 years feels safe to me
I did get checked out when I was diagnosed with my cataract in 2012 because even though that isn't specifically an MS symptom at all it freaked me out that I would have one at 28 but nothing, although I'm still bummed out by having part of my eye being fake now