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Originally Posted by Aeris Hilton View Post
Man I'm reading a ton of MS stuff again and I don't know
I think as much as I was reading at the time I must have selectively blocked out some of the shit because of fear
Like most all ppl w/ it wind up unable to walk
You know, that's what I do. Sounds crazy but I just refuse to read too much about it. I don't want to join support groups, talk about it, or go to forums where people talk about it. I feel like, if I just keep my mind on other things and keep going.... keep working, and not put all my focus on it, I do so much better. The fear only creates this anxiety that takes away my happiness... and I refuse to let it do that.

Maybe it's a form of denial... avoidance, whatever you call it.. but not focusing on it so much actually helps me feel better.

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