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some smashing pumpkins releases that could be of interest:
lull(slunk/bye june)
peel sessions (siva/smiley)
cherub rock (that karaoke thingy)
today japan (apathy's last kiss)
disarm (dancing in the moonlight)
rocket (never let me down)
1979 mixes (vocal mix/instrumental mix/moby mix/cement mix)
teitbite (the end.../the beginning.../the ethers tragic/the guns of love disastrous)
teitbite the remixes (5 diff. remixes)
teitbite fluke remixes promo (1 additional remix)
ava adore (once in a while/czarina)
perfect (summer/daphne descends kerry b mix)
perfect (5 diff. remixes)
siyl (speed kills)
still becoming apart(hope/mayonaise acoustic/apathy's last kiss)
untitled (try alt./age of i early)
tarantula (death from above/zeitgeist)
that's the way (daydream/stellar)

other stuff:
light into dark (my dahlia/sun)
absolute middle of nowhere (i am one 7" version)
20 explosive... (jackie blue)
singles soundtrack (drown)
no alternative (glynis)
family christmas in your ass: kevin and bean (rudolph the red-nosed reindeer)
onxrt: live from the archives vol 3 (rocket live)
sweet relief II (sad peter pan)
a very special christmas vol 3 (christmastime)
guitars that rule the world vol 2: smell the fuzz (ascendo)
ransom soundtrack (rats, worms, spiders, lizards, worms pt 2, squirrels with tails)
means to an end (starchildren-isolation)
iommi (black oblivion)
new order - get ready (turn my way)
some brazilian promo cd (teitbite nu-wave batcave remix)
launch cd-rom (bullet live)

live in chicago 23.10.95
live at cabaret metro 10-5-88

i probably forgot some.

edit: add live x vol 6 (age of innocence live) to the list.

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