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Originally Posted by LaBelle View Post
Totally, it's so shitty that that's a lot of people's first assumptions.

Or that bisexuals are more likely to cheat, or that they can never be happy with just one partner because they will always want both.

Bisexual erasure is also shitty af "oh there's no such thing, you just haven't made up your mind yet"

I'm into open relationships, personally, but I feel horrible for the bisexuals that aren't who are thought to be unfaithful just because they are bisexual. A commitment is a commitment, if that's what you want. Anything else is still cheating.

But bisexual erasure is honestly the worst. Or maybe it's tied between that and people thinking my bisexuality is really just a game to entertain men. I guess that's kind of the same thing, I'm not really up to date on all the terms. But like I said earlier, my interest in men and women are completely unrelated and I don't need anyone, gay or straight, to compartmentalize it.

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