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Post Most forgettable Pumpkins member?

It's gotta be Jack Bates, right?

I don't know who a single person in the 2008 section of the table is, so, having closed my eyes and pointed at my screen, my actual choice is... "Gabrial McNair." Sorry, Gabe. I did manage to find some footage of him in a Zeitgeist concert.

And here he is sitting down in that distinctive way we all came to know and love.

And here, backstage, defeating his father in anbo-jyutsu, the ultimate evolution of human martial arts. It turns out that his dad had cheated all through McNair's childhood, and that's why McNair could never win against him. Having finally bested his father, McNair reconciled with him in a way that Billy never will, which is probably why McNair was immediately sacked.

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