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Originally Posted by paranoid View Post
Mike had chops, and does great with that shitty bearcubbin music. He didn't have sp level chops though. And yeah, I have my head stuck up Jimmy's ass. But he's a god so whatevs let me relish.

Having mike out softens the blow of tommy being on board. But whoever thinks he's going to be an improvement is an idiot. He's going to fit into this band as well as mike did and that's not a good thing. I guess I'm numb to it all at this point.

And seriously if he's just hiring a drummer to do 9 tracks on the album, why not just have jimmy do them and then he'd be done with it/not touring. JC had no problem doing that with Tyson Meade.
Because Jimmy is not the sound he wanted. He wants that bash bash sound. It has been very clear. You don't have to paint with one colour, holy fuck!

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