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Originally Posted by The New
Yeah, i was just showing that it is still quite possible to increase one's ratio there

I know they're having major problems, what exactly are they going to start doing to ratios?
Haven't looked at the forums there for a while

At one point they were asking for feedback about weighing the ratios arcording to number of seeds. The new hot leek seeds with 500+ seeds would count less then the rhings that have just one guy keeping them alive, or maybe it was the other way around nor sure.

All I Know is I've been stuck at basically the same spot for like 60 months now and that's with every torrent running 24/7.

The sie is fucked no matter what they, mess with ratio people will get pissed and leave, leave things as they are and eventually everyone gets banned.

Sone other traker will pick up the slack it's already starting .

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