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Default anybody up for tg24

i was reminded of it the other day, couldn't find a proper working torrent and then found this blog with the cassette version of the box set that hosts the links themselves. totally awesome.

i've been wanting to listen to the sets during my 6am drive to work so i can burn discs according to the dates of the sets (listen to may sets in may, for example). i'm into stuff like that. if anyone else is interested here's the link. you can DL 5 links at a time (you know then wait for one to finish, add another, etc)

http://dieordiy2 dot blogspot dot com/2014/02/throbbing-gristle-24-hours-cassette_21.html

there are some other cool tg-related cs links that you might like too if you're interested. just follow the tagging links.

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