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Originally Posted by Araneae View Post
The word "contemporary," as used in the music and arts, has a very specific meaning. That's generally why movements/styles are grouped together and music is allotted into distinct decades.

By the way, your dictionary definitions really don't contradict what I'm saying here.

Here's some more for you, since you insist

con·tem·po·rar·y (kən-tĕm′pə-rĕr′ē)
1. Belonging to the same period of time: a fact documented by two contemporary sources.
2. Of about the same age.
3. Current; modern: contemporary trends in design.
1. One of the same time or age: Shelley and Keats were contemporaries.
2. A person of the present age.
It absolutely contradicts what you're saying. Tommy Lee was a drummer at the same time John Bonham was (the late 1970's). Therefore, Tommy Lee and John Bonham were contemporaries. They existed at the same time in the same field (Drumming). How can you argue that? You were saying that Motley Crue wasn't a contemporary of Led Zep... in that, you are correct. But Tommy Lee was a contemporary of John Bonham. Mike Byrne is a contemporary of Jimmy Chamberlain.

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