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LaBelle 08-09-2020 05:08 PM

I'm sure dead british guy doesn't mind

FoolofaTook 08-09-2020 05:19 PM

sorry but peter jackson is from australia

yo soy el mejor 08-09-2020 07:21 PM

deserve is such a funny word

it is simultaneously "positive" + "negative" (neutral?) and each changes the connotation completely

deserve, deserve

MyOneAndOnly 08-10-2020 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by vixnix (Post 4555046)
Iím sure you would have a great time with this lady, she like you has an appreciation for fathers, wanting to make as many men into fathers as she possibly can

You could be next! <3

Not a journalist...was having dinner with friends and they were talking about a neighbour. The woman is apparently a chartered accountant

An accountant with two baby daddies and a HUNGER FOR COCK

that makes a lot more sense

FlamingGlobes 08-11-2020 10:21 AM

Hunger for Cock is a band I play with on the weekends.

FlamingGlobes 08-11-2020 10:21 AM

And by play with I mean

FlamingGlobes 08-11-2020 10:21 AM

Yes, you guessed it

Joey Goldberg 08-11-2020 10:45 AM

smoke pot & listen to Daedsy?

FlamingGlobes 08-11-2020 11:01 AM


FlamingGlobes 08-11-2020 11:02 AM

I haven't smoked pot since 2009 ama

FoolofaTook 08-11-2020 11:44 AM

can we keep the insufferable self-schwanzi-milking to one thread? or maybe ban flaming globes?

FlamingGlobes 08-11-2020 12:11 PM

Yes pls

FoolofaTook 08-11-2020 12:30 PM


FlamingGlobes 08-11-2020 12:35 PM

I don't post here for a week and this is the treatment I get? Nice. I can see why this board is dying.

FoolofaTook 08-11-2020 12:44 PM

It's been a week? Feels like you posted here yesterday ...

Joey Goldberg 08-11-2020 01:11 PM

i never forget a talking goat

FoolofaTook 08-11-2020 01:24 PM

speaking of ppl who should be banned ...

FlamingGlobes 08-11-2020 01:36 PM

Joey Goldberg 08-11-2020 01:44 PM


Originally Posted by FoolofaTook (Post 4555266)
speaking of ppl who should be banned ...

you wanna fuckin' brawl, buddy?

i'll meet you in the back lot at 7, i don't give a shit

Joey Goldberg 08-11-2020 01:44 PM

i'll bring the beer & Phil Collins CD

you bring a boombox & your father

FoolofaTook 08-11-2020 02:13 PM

sry my dad went to a theological conference

luckily for you, tho, the fine gents of the Biblical Research Insitute (BRI) are always eager and willing to "get down":

FoolofaTook 08-11-2020 02:13 PM

ahaha middle dude is stiffer than brothalial amidst a herd of goats!!

FoolofaTook 08-11-2020 02:14 PM

and look at the face of the dude second to the right! look at him! LOOK!!


Joey Goldberg 08-11-2020 02:21 PM

so long as everyone involved is coming equipped with shorts that are just a little too short i see no problems here

MplsTaper 08-11-2020 02:24 PM

Joey Goldberg 08-11-2020 02:26 PM

thanks, that should make for some excellent Tailgating Treats for our fight this evening

FoolofaTook 08-11-2020 02:36 PM

ur dad's a tailgating treat, iykwim

wHATcOLOR 08-11-2020 02:37 PM

is the kid in this video who carries his irate father out of the store... mike byrne??

FoolofaTook 08-11-2020 02:45 PM

I'll beat that fuckin' mask off your face!

MplsTaper 08-11-2020 02:53 PM

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