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FoolofaTook 12-21-2019 06:05 PM

FoolofaTook 12-27-2019 04:46 AM

my xmas gift from tyler

MplsTaper 12-27-2019 10:20 AM

Cool. Is that Wata's setlist?

FoolofaTook 12-27-2019 10:27 AM


Mals Marola 12-27-2019 12:00 PM


ninsp 12-29-2019 01:22 AM

Feedbacker coming out of encore is beyond crushing

FoolofaTook 12-29-2019 01:30 AM

yeah man. and heavy friends, too... damn. tyler doesn't even know how lucky he got!

FoolofaTook 01-13-2020 05:00 PM

bright_doom 01-13-2020 06:31 PM

Has netpho cancelled Boris yet

FoolofaTook 01-13-2020 07:43 PM

You lookin' to start something? Cos I'm ready to go, right here right now! Come on, let's do it, you and me! What you scared?


FoolofaTook 01-13-2020 07:44 PM


FoolofaTook 01-16-2020 07:04 PM

So this dude on the boris discord got sunset notes signed by michio. pretty cute, huh?

MplsTaper 01-28-2020 09:49 AM

FoolofaTook 02-08-2020 08:36 AM

MplsTaper 02-08-2020 02:18 PM

FoolofaTook 02-16-2020 06:43 AM

FoolofaTook 03-04-2020 02:55 PM

Joey Goldberg 03-04-2020 03:17 PM


would love to hear the rest of Ramirez's rebuttal to Wilson

sounds like the start of a good ol'-fashioned CD vs LP battle to me - a tale almost as old as Adore vs The Machines of God

FoolofaTook 03-04-2020 03:22 PM

who said what exactly? sorry I cant read the whole convo.

Joey Goldberg 03-04-2020 03:25 PM

ok well Ramirez comes in going "I've got the vinyl, but really wish this would get a CD re-release. CDs are still preferable for long form songs."

then our guy Wilson comes in with, get this, "..."

So Ramirez snaps back with "oh shit! G..." which is where they leave us, with the cliffhanger of the century

FoolofaTook 03-04-2020 03:35 PM


MplsTaper 03-04-2020 05:08 PM

I think you're both missing the point here. Thom W. said Feedbacker is "the best".

Joey Goldberg 03-04-2020 05:09 PM

classic Thom!

MplsTaper 03-04-2020 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by Joey Goldberg (Post 4531947)
classic Thom!


FoolofaTook 03-04-2020 05:41 PM

Thom's wrong tho. Of the drone epics, it's:

1. Dronevil
2. Flood
3. Feedbacker

Joey Goldberg 03-04-2020 05:51 PM

how dare you question the authority of Thom

FoolofaTook 03-04-2020 05:59 PM

Joey Goldberg 03-04-2020 11:31 PM

so Took, I can concede that Orange HR is prob better than Purple overall, but Purple HR is still my fav record I've heard of theirs from the 2010s

so weird not to just say "this decade" now :(

FoolofaTook 03-04-2020 11:37 PM

fair enough. fav purp track?

I gotsta go with aileron. now that's some soul crushing shit right there.

Joey Goldberg 03-04-2020 11:42 PM


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