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slunken 04-28-2021 06:14 PM

I don’t normally talk out of turn like this but I have a creepy stalker now

Shallowed 04-28-2021 08:30 PM

you sound paranoid

slunken 04-29-2021 05:29 PM

if you want to call me on my bullshit just do it. don't be sneaky. i love you.

smashingjj 04-29-2021 06:25 PM

you ok there

Shallowed 04-29-2021 07:03 PM

It's a patent admission of craving attention, so yes

slunken 04-29-2021 07:08 PM

call me old fashioned but i would like to address a situation head-on instead of reading little comments as if my posts are a blog.

my fans are allowed to respond to me, if that's the case. shallowed can talk to me directly. he doesn't have to only leave rep comments.

im real. i'm here. let's talk dude.

smashingjj 04-30-2021 05:12 AM

that must be hard for you. also, something you would never stoop to.

smashingjj 04-30-2021 05:14 AM

and since you prefer it head-on: go fuck yourself, slunken. you suck.

teh b0lly!!1 04-30-2021 06:08 AM

atta boy

slunken 04-30-2021 06:14 PM


Originally Posted by smashingjj (Post 4578646)
and since you prefer it head-on: go fuck yourself, slunken. you suck.

thank you i love you

slunken 04-30-2021 06:19 PM

slunken 05-26-2021 08:01 PM

has anyone read house of leaves

holy shit

slunken 05-26-2021 08:01 PM

i also bought manga for the first time

ovary 07-11-2021 08:39 PM

i used to walk outside to pee,
searching the clouds and
facing the trees,
but then i spent hours
walking strange bowers,
and minutes with sands
on the beach,
marking off miles
with slick passing styles
while trusting all people
i meet.
and now that i'm home
to my sweet well-fed loam,
one mere acre of fine ferns
and true leaves,
i still walk outside to pee:
but now i face the road.

TuralyonW3 07-14-2021 11:03 PM


Originally Posted by slunken (Post 4579498)
has anyone read house of leaves

holy shit

It’s quite an experience

FoolofaTook 09-22-2021 11:15 AM

topleybird 09-23-2021 03:41 PM


Originally Posted by slunken (Post 4579498)
has anyone read house of leaves

holy shit

You may find this interesting

If I've got this right, this was his first attempt, years ago, and since then he's redone the pilot and written the next two, but you gotta buy 'em

topleybird 09-23-2021 03:51 PM

Last great thing I read:

I feel like I've read several horror novels with the setup "some kids do or experience something really bad, and years later, as adults, it catches up with them," but this is something really special

Currently reading for the third or fourth time:

Joey Goldberg 09-23-2021 06:06 PM

u guys think ur all that cos u read words off pages

Joey Goldberg 09-23-2021 06:08 PM

quit setting off my #nerdalert and watch a fucking movie, how bout?

ilikeplanets 09-24-2021 01:52 PM

Almost done with my reread of all 15 Anne Rice vampire books (2 more to go!), and I like them just as much in my 30s.

yo soy el mejor 12-28-2021 02:37 PM

just ordered this morning, but i am pumped about receiving the aesthetics of international law (i found it by googling whether nabokov had spent time in prison like in invitation to a beheading because i remember reading that once).

check it:

Ed Morgan engages in a literary parsing of international legal texts. In order to demonstrate how these types of legal narratives are imbued with modernist aesthetics, Morgan juxtaposes international legal documents and modern (as well as some immediately pre- and post-modern) literary texts. He demonstrates how the same intellectual currents that flow through the works of authors ranging from Edgar Allan Poe to James Joyce to Vladimir Nabokov are also present in legal doctrines ranging from the law of war to international commercial disputes to human rights.


also got this 4 FREE with my expiring book points :

mxzombie 12-28-2021 10:08 PM

just finished cryptonomicon, which was cool. now i'm rereading the call of the wild.

vixnix 12-29-2021 12:05 AM


Originally Posted by ilikeplanets (Post 4584329)
Almost done with my reread of all 15 Anne Rice vampire books (2 more to go!), and I like them just as much in my 30s.

This was such uncanny timing….

ilikeplanets 12-29-2021 01:15 AM

Yeah, I thought so! Those novels have been as impactful as SP have been in my life, so I'm really still upset about this. I know she was old and had health problems, but I wanted more books!! I first read them as a teen, then in my 20s, and decided to do a reread for some strength during the challenges of this year. I can't believe how different they seemed this time, and how much I could have forgotten considering I read some of those books 7 times. It's like she called out to me once more before dying. :(

vixnix 12-30-2021 01:34 AM

Aw I can imagine feeling sad about that…

I’ve never read any of them but my husband has.

I can definitely imagine rereading things for strength. I want to re read the Belgariad - I started reading it aloud with one of my kids and then he lost interest, but I could already feel myself getting sucked in all over again. I wonder if there is just something deeply comforting about the fantasy we read as teenagers, for all us misfits.

I’m tempted to start reading Anne Rice novels as a refuge from my class readings haha. But the current assignment’s deadline is tomorrow night. So it will have to be a 2022 distraction…

topleybird 01-04-2022 11:22 AM

I don't know how you can read that title and not feel an irresistible compulsion to pick this up

Fuckin' ruled

Indigenous teen girl obsessed with slasher films finds herself in one, and tries to convince anyone, particularly the new classmate she believes is the final girl, of what's going on, while also trying to identify the killer

Meanwhile, stand-ins for Bezos, Musk, etc. are gentrifying her tiny rural town, building a whole separate gated McMansion community on land they really shouldn't be using

I was sort of thinking there'd be a this is awesome, this is my wheelhouse and my dream kind of vibe from our heroine, but instead the book conveys this constant sense of dread in a really great way

slunken 07-06-2022 06:21 PM

taking a break from the sad/serious stuff and going to dip into this childhood classic to see if it holds up. i remember really really liking the series.

topleybird 07-07-2022 10:58 AM

Recently read:

I preferred his A Head Full of Ghosts, but this is still pretty good. The good kind of ambiguous.

Sort-of sequel to my favorite sci-fi novel. I kind of hated it. The bad kind of ambiguous, aka, "I dare you to try to figure out what the fuck is happening."

Just finished last night:

Fuckin' ruled. It's all so matter-of-fact and feels like every decision that leads them to their doom is a reasonable one. There are a lot of stories like this, where a bunch of white Americans come to a foreign country and eat it, that are just straight-up racist, like the horror comes from being surrounded by dirty savages who are all out to get you, but this largely avoids it (there's one short, shitty section—c'mon, man, you were doing great).

slunken 07-07-2022 05:47 PM

recent books that really knocked my socks off

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