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MyOneAndOnly 04-12-2021 08:01 PM

i have the scar on my arm to prove it. I think the US stopped vaccinating for it in the mid 70s.

reprise85 04-12-2021 11:59 PM

lol, imagine if this one left scarring like the smallpox one did. imagine the conspiracy theories

Cool As Ice Cream 04-13-2021 03:07 AM


Originally Posted by MyOneAndOnly (Post 4577869)
I got the Smallpox vaccine back in the day. I bet non of yous have THAT one, eh?

i am fairly certain that i indeed do not.

MyOneAndOnly 04-13-2021 01:34 PM


Originally Posted by Cool As Ice Cream (Post 4577881)
i am fairly certain that i indeed do not.

you better hope the plague doesn't sweep through Europe again!

Cool As Ice Cream 04-14-2021 04:40 AM

it's all a hoax by them libtard demmies!

Cool As Ice Cream 04-14-2021 09:18 AM

them demmies with their stimmies

ninsp 04-14-2021 11:04 AM

Wife’s getting her second shot today

So nice that in just two weeks we’re finished with the pandy

Yeah, I know what the CDC says but we’re immune so idgaf

MyOneAndOnly 04-14-2021 11:32 AM


Originally Posted by Cool As Ice Cream (Post 4577912)
it's all a hoax by them libtard demmies!

CAIC dancing through the plague dead corpses in the streets of a shit hole country #Merica #fakevaccine #hilaryispedo #belgianbeersucks

killtrocity 04-14-2021 04:27 PM


Originally Posted by reprise85 (Post 4577794)
Could be psychosomatic, too. I thought I had COVID at one point and gave myself a legit asthma attack and had a 101 temp as well. Few hours later I was fine. But hopefully you don't actually have COVID either way.

Yesterday I was picking up meds and there was a dude looking at flu/cold medicine wearing his mask below his nose and the line went through the aisle he was in so I couldn't really avoid him. Fucking clueless. Hopefully he was getting it for someone else

This point is very astute. I'm particularly susceptible to medical-related anxiety.

I did test negative, and then immediately started Googling shit and attributed my symptoms to HPV positive neck cancer. Since I stopped doing that shit, I feel fine.

Later in the evening I legit realised that some of my symptoms were due to bottled-up emotions that I store in my throat and neck. Like I felt my neck muscles release as I was talking about it. This has also come up in therapy multiple times. Shoulder pain in my case manifests from repressed anger, i.e. my hitting arm tenses up subconsciously and chronically to the point that it actually shows up on an MRI. Sounds like voodoo, is not.

Anyway good call on that one! The intersection of psychology and biochem-physiology continues to fascinate.

killtrocity 04-14-2021 04:33 PM

Also, what's up with this 1 in a million clotting fervor re: J&J?

Is this even a signal? What is the baseline rate of clotting with adverse effects amongst Americans? Why were all 7 individuals females aged 20-44? Doesn't the birth control pill have a clot rate of like 1 in 1,000 (an atrociously horrifying figure considering the ubiquity of the BCP)?

I'm glad we're paying close attention, but halting vaccinations seems fucking stupid.

teh b0lly!!1 04-14-2021 04:37 PM

He siad in thatt recent hat that he thanks people sesame he "ghates" his earlier work. He n't, as he worked really bored to make that music.

And that, people, comparing his dork now to that earlier work, well, it was still this that made it.

killtrocity 04-14-2021 04:39 PM

Am I having a stroke or are you? You got the J&J, didn't you?

smashingjj 04-14-2021 04:55 PM


Disco King 04-14-2021 06:35 PM

Seeing as COVID seems to be just as much (if not more) of a blood disorder than a respiratory disorder, and it's primarily been younger folks who see it's blood-thickening effects instead of its pulmonary symptoms, I think I'd rather take my chances with Astra-Zeneca or Janssen than with the virus itself.

My understanding is that, despite the rarity of these side-effects, the vaccines are thought to play a role because it's not just any type of blood clots that are being linked to them, but cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, which is much rarer in the general population than your vanilla blood clots. So, even with their rarity amongst vaccinated people, I would assume that this is being noticed because they are still happening more often than we would expect from their base rate.

Hopefully they isolate what factors predispose one to complications with these vaccines, so that they can give people with those factors different vaccines, and people who lack those factors can sleep easier should they get A-Z or J & J. Maybe these people are both on certain medications, and have undiagnosed pre-existing blood disorders or something.

MyOneAndOnly 04-14-2021 07:33 PM

got my shot of the Pfizer 3 hours ago...arm is sore already.

Ram27 04-15-2021 01:03 AM

i was scheduled for JJ later this month but i'm not sure what's gonna happen with that? like if it's recalled will they just give me a different brand and a time to come back for p2?

Cool As Ice Cream 04-15-2021 02:50 AM

no vaccines for you, young man

MyOneAndOnly 04-15-2021 08:24 AM

i was vaccined yesterday around 4pm... that's 16:00 for you Euro Trashes.

Woke up early this morning with what I thought for a few seconds was a broken arm. Worst vaccine soreness I've ever had from a shot. And I have a weird migraine headache. Rest of me feels OK.

ilikeplanets 04-15-2021 04:13 PM

Was that your first dose? The second one is even worse!

mxzombie 04-15-2021 05:31 PM

we got j&j on saturday. today is day 6. nothing serious since saturday night, which was mildly uncomfortable with slight fever symptoms for me (hot, achy, and fatigued). the "overly cautious" response to the reports of thrombosis is bewildering if it is as rare as reported; people who were hesitant before surely will be hard to regain trust from again.

MyOneAndOnly 04-15-2021 08:33 PM


Originally Posted by ilikeplanets (Post 4578032)
Was that your first dose? The second one is even worse!

first dose. feel fine now. arm still sore.

i expect the second dose to make me sick

ilikeplanets 04-15-2021 09:42 PM

I had Moderna and definitely got sick for a few hours. I thought I was good since I got the shot around noon and went to bed with nothing but a sore arm, then awoke violently at 5 am shivering and feverish. It was gone by mid afternoon. Fun.

Eulogy 04-16-2021 01:32 AM


Originally Posted by MyOneAndOnly (Post 4578048)
first dose. feel fine now. arm still sore.

i expect the second dose to make me sick

I had pretty much no soreness in my arm but the rest of my body felt like a trash can. Def not looking forward to shot 2 but onward.

I’m nearly certain I had covid in November (lots of exposure, lots of symptoms, long story don’t ask), and I read somewhere the vax can be worse for people who have had it already? No idea if that’s true.

soniclovenoize 04-16-2021 06:56 PM

Got Moderna #2 this morning!!

slunken 04-16-2021 07:07 PM

my vaccine shot?

my immune system


slunken 04-16-2021 07:11 PM

do you guys remember in the 70s when the CDC "treated" the black population for STDs but gave them fake drugs because they wanted to see what it would look like if untreated STDs ran through a community?

remember when 24 eyewitnesses said they saw timothy mcveigh with another person but after a manhunt the FBI said they were all mistaken?

i'm glad our government doesn't lie to us anymore. those were weird times.

soniclovenoize 04-16-2021 07:16 PM

2/10 Try harder

slunken 04-16-2021 07:26 PM

fair enough

slunken 04-16-2021 07:30 PM

you can't say i didn't try

Disco King 04-16-2021 08:25 PM

So, do you think that every government and vaccine manufacturer in the world is colluding to poison every adult for nefarious reasons, and that none of the independent researchers anywhere in the world who study this stuff for a living and has looked at the vaccines was able to catch this? If so, why?

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