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FoolofaTook 05-07-2020 12:14 PM

how about your cock?

ilikeplanets 05-07-2020 11:20 PM


Originally Posted by FlamingGlobes (Post 4543886)

There's absolutely nothing off-putting about this whatsoever! And it smells as wonderful as it looks!

ilikeplanets 05-07-2020 11:21 PM

Definitely can't move your face once it starts drying, either. But it's definitely improving my skin.

Ram27 05-08-2020 01:25 AM

just drank 2 energy shots to feel something. 2:30am local time. my sleep schedule is a night mare

korean baseball at 5:30 am tho

run2pee 05-08-2020 02:22 AM

Behold! The Ram27’s Sleep Schedule

Yeah. Me too. Could use some whirl pools sleep here in a minute, yet can’t stop eating the wrong Oreos that we got instead of the ones that we wanted, since Oreos are all fucked for the pandemic along with groceries and everything

But yeah

myosis 05-08-2020 10:51 AM

i'm guessing that 2 energy shots will invariably disturb your sleep schedule...
possibly toxic for your heart too.

FlamingGlobes 05-08-2020 11:14 AM

Yeah, he's going to feel something alright... his first heart attack by age 30!

Seriously, though, be safe dear Ram.

FoolofaTook 05-08-2020 11:39 AM

Don't listen to these losers ram. Next time you should chase those shots with a big Redbull.

FlamingGlobes 05-08-2020 11:56 AM

FoolofaTook 05-08-2020 11:58 AM

FoolofaTook 05-08-2020 11:58 AM

FoolofaTook 05-08-2020 12:00 PM

run2pee 05-08-2020 12:01 PM


Originally Posted by FoolofaTook (Post 4544155)


Originally Posted by FoolofaTook (Post 4544156)

Lol are these some Adventists? Is this michael Campbell’s various dads shooting the shit about Jesus and everyone?

FoolofaTook 05-08-2020 12:22 PM

Haha, don't I wish so! At first when I was looking for funny gifs I tried searching for certain pastors and theologians of the SDA variety. But alas! there were none. Then thanks to Monte's tweeter I was introduced to Russell Nelson, president and prophet of the latter days saints and the rest is, as they say in france, kaput!

(russ is in the middle)

Ram27 05-08-2020 02:30 PM

thanks lads. i never fuck with stimulants usually

the quarantine depression is really setting in in the last week or so for some reason. like it's may and we're still doing this. and it's not even novel anymore; all the jokes have been made, all the articles have been written. it just keeps going on and on

mike pence might get it tho

FoolofaTook 05-08-2020 02:42 PM

the only difference about quarantine is that everyone is suddenly doing what i've been doing for the past decade

run2pee 05-08-2020 02:59 PM


Originally Posted by FoolofaTook (Post 4544181)
the only difference about quarantine is that everyone is suddenly doing what i've been doing for the past decade

Dunno whether to lol or :( with u

Yeah. Isolation. Did 6 yrs of that myself. Things i liked/miss, but overall it led to a lot of unhealthy sorta weird mutant plants growin in my garden of my heart and shit. At least u get on the board and converse a lot, that’s gotta help. During that time i didn’t do internet or smartphone, it was just the 1 or 2 unavoidable convos from the ppl at work, maybe the librarian ladies, and then possibly a band practice at night, during the lucky/good/rare times that i was playing music with other ppl. Other than that wouldn’t see/talk to a soul.

Anyway, yeah. It’s weird to see everyone else having to do it, now

myosis 05-08-2020 05:07 PM

I used to know isolation pretty well so I tried to just isolate myself before I was really forced to. but I had become much more gregarian...

anyways, can we stop rejoicing at the prospect of someone in particular getting the virus? it's pointless.

there is still a great possibility that it will hit you someday too. and an even greater possibility that you'll survive just fine (that one's for reassurance but still true).

ilikeplanets 05-09-2020 12:11 AM

I wouldn't say that I rejoice at the prospect of anyone getting it, but there is a small feeling of amusement when people who are so against PPE and closures have to face the danger of their recklessness.

ovary 05-09-2020 07:15 AM

well i got that job cleaning up human shit, among other things. thank fucking god! i am afraid somehow the hire letter will get to the county and they'll be like "actually we can't afford to hire new people now"

yo soy el mejor 05-16-2020 07:24 PM

i was accepted to the only graduate program that i applied to in december.

still not 100% about it, but it's only a year. probs not gonna find a good job any time soon, so might as well go! maybe i'll make my 1st gofundme page.

Disco King 05-16-2020 07:49 PM

You can count at your friends here at Netphoria to contribute! 😀:)

reprise85 05-16-2020 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by yo soy el mejor (Post 4545498)
i was accepted to the only graduate program that i applied to in december.

still not 100% about it, but it's only a year. probs not gonna find a good job any time soon, so might as well go! maybe i'll make my 1st gofundme page.

must have been your winning essay


yo soy el mejor 05-17-2020 09:28 AM


Originally Posted by reprise85 (Post 4545506)
must have been your winning essay



FlamingGlobes 05-17-2020 11:49 AM

Congrats yo soy! As you are aware, we have all been rooting for you this whole time. Your success is our success!

FoolofaTook 05-17-2020 11:59 AM

ilikeplanets 05-17-2020 12:11 PM

Grad school is a big deal. Well done!

pavementtune 05-21-2020 03:44 PM

Look, here is a nice thread for you guys.
Could you leave your pee and American chain food conversations out of the one thread where people actually post interesting articles? Yes? Fantastic, thanks!

FlamingGlobes 05-21-2020 03:46 PM

I will do my part, but when 95% of the board would rather talk about sandwiches and feces, I think you're fighting an uphill battle.

pavementtune 05-21-2020 03:50 PM

Sandwiches and feces are two of my favorite meals, I belong to the 95%. I just don't see why we have to be sandwich-fecing in the covid thread, which is the only topic on here with articles being posted, and now you have to eat your way through pages of sandwiches and feces to find them!

FlamingGlobes 05-21-2020 03:51 PM

lol I get it. On the other hand, conversation flows and we're all to blame. But mostly, it's Took's fault. We all agree with that, right?

pavementtune 05-21-2020 03:53 PM

Absolutely, Ram27 is on it, delivering feces sandwiches to Took's dad as we speak.

Ever eaten dung?

Joey Goldberg 05-21-2020 03:54 PM


Originally Posted by FlamingGlobes (Post 4546458)
conversation flows

pretty much this. i never enter a thread actively aiming to aid in its alleged derailment, I just see the conversation at hand & respond to it. it's just the Joey Goldberg Way (patent pending)

FlamingGlobes 05-21-2020 03:55 PM

Nah, Burger King ain't my bag

FlamingGlobes 05-21-2020 03:56 PM

Great, now this post doesn't make sense because Joey derailed YET ANOTHER THREAD

pavementtune 05-21-2020 03:59 PM

I'll derail your balance by taking a massive shit on your shoes.

pavementtune 05-21-2020 04:00 PM

Didn't we have an actual poop thread? I don't mean Shits Recently Taken, wasn't there a second one? I feel it's calling my name.

Joey Goldberg 05-21-2020 04:04 PM

Billy has Copromania or whatever

yeah... y'all can have dat

yo soy el mejor 05-21-2020 09:50 PM

i had a phone meeting with my new advisor (not my dept advisor, but another program i am in that has a mandatory meeting with a special advisor). My old one was a graduate student intern and today I heard they got let go afte the shut-down but they still got full pay.

It was supposed to be 15 minutes but turned into 45 because she treated it like her advising appointment. She told me all about her situation at home and how she is working toward her PhD with a 13 year old daughter. We talked about how diversity should in-clude economic dversity and she remembered when I asked her about an application waiver for Northwestern. They don't offer them under any circumstances to "be fair." You really got pick and choose or roll the dice. Or you gotta jump through hoops and do way more work than people who can just pay the money if a waiver is an option. Like, why do you have to pay just to be considered?

FlamingGlobes 05-21-2020 10:10 PM


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