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Joe 10-29-2009 05:45 PM

big halloween plans?
i ended up getting the night off. i have been known of latley to do nothing other than listen to ghost to ghost on halloween, but this year i want to do something more fun. they always have a halloween super party at the local skate bowl, but i have neither the money or patience to hang out with them this year, plus i might run into my ex and that would be a downer. i am super sick of watching horror movies so that is not really an option. i guess i could drink some hooch but that would be lame too.

so shut ins what plans have you on halloween?

Dogfighter28 10-29-2009 05:47 PM

Drink high gravity beers and chain smoke in front of the elementary school all day

ATS 10-29-2009 06:14 PM

just go to the skate bowl party you'll be 40 b4 u know it need to enjoy these things when u r still young enough

yo soy el mejor 10-29-2009 09:51 PM

Skate party sounds cool.

hnibos 10-29-2009 09:52 PM


mewl 10-29-2009 09:55 PM

prolly working. i don't celebrate it anyway.

JokeyLoki 10-29-2009 09:56 PM

Watching hockey.

28if 10-29-2009 10:04 PM

there's already a halloween thread, asshole

Trotskilicious 10-29-2009 10:37 PM

who cares this is a mojo jojo thread people shouldn't post in it anyway no matter what the subject is

yo soy el mejor 10-29-2009 10:39 PM

dont hurt 'em, trots.

Joe 10-30-2009 01:00 AM


Originally Posted by ATS (Post 3569383)
just go to the skate bowl party you'll be 40 b4 u know it need to enjoy these things when u r still young enough

ATS your words cut to the bone

agenda suicide 10-30-2009 04:36 AM

can we just merge this because I don't think we need 2 halloween threads

Mo 10-30-2009 04:44 AM

Yeah, I'll be attending a sound engineers party. Those are usually lame but rock on Halloween. And I'll be going as a YouTube video.

The Jesus 10-30-2009 10:06 AM


Originally Posted by hnibos (Post 3569457)


No-one gives a shit about Halloween over here in Blighty. That's probably due to the fact that it's a load of shit.

Caine Walker 10-30-2009 10:38 AM

costume contest!

samuel redman 10-30-2009 11:04 PM

i will sit alone doing nothing

Trotskilicious 10-30-2009 11:11 PM

that's a shocker

samuel redman 10-30-2009 11:19 PM

i was actually expecting you to reply with "big surprise"

Trotskilicious 10-30-2009 11:40 PM

i throw a 72 mph changeup sometimes

Elvis The Fat Years 10-30-2009 11:48 PM

i threw a couple balls at great america once trying to win a stuffed animal for some broad. i think i had to top 45 mph 3 times in a row. i topped out around 22. i checked to see if i still had balls after that...

tip... if you ever play the game where you have to throw a quarter on a plate without it sliding off... spit on the motherfucker and it will stick.

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