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redbreegull 08-06-2023 09:29 PM

that's just a function of a small toilet. you'll feel humbled the next time you climb on a big boy and your penis spins around like a clapper in an oversized bell, doomed to never reach its perimeter target

ilikeplanets 08-06-2023 10:04 PM

Just when I thought I couldn't hate this thread more

slunken 08-12-2023 02:18 PM

My toilet's been bonkers lately. No flush power. I'm hitting the button multiple times.

ourruseoffools 08-13-2023 12:56 PM

I need to see a gastroenterologist

ovary 08-13-2023 02:33 PM

my ass has been a lot better since i washed it

slunken 08-14-2023 11:02 PM

I just miss being able to step back and admire the horse pile

now i'm flushing in intervals

*what have i become/my sweetest friend*

ovary 09-08-2023 06:48 AM

i am stuck on the can

the chipotle was spicer than usual last night

i do not forsee a happy ending

a burning turd is lodged stuck amid my gaping orifice

hope this half roll of TP is sufficient.

not sure i'll be able to pinch off but i gotta go to work

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