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ilikeplanets 06-05-2023 12:32 PM


Originally Posted by slunken (Post 4626348)
one of my favorite perfumes got discontinued and is now on the grey market (if you can find it at all) at triple the price :(

got about a half a bottle of juice left

My fragrance of the summer is going to be champagne. Really into it.

ilikeplanets 06-05-2023 01:08 PM

Shuddup and smell the class :love:

ilikeplanets 06-05-2023 01:18 PM

But also I'm talking about perfume, not the kitchen

The invitation to shut up and smell me still stands

Ram27 06-05-2023 03:23 PM

i spent $42 on a candle that is meant to smell like verveine, whatever that is

topleybird 06-05-2023 05:15 PM

someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying

slunken 06-06-2023 06:21 PM


Originally Posted by TheAlter (Post 4626471)
As you wish, ma'am!

[please let it be a Yves Saint Laure nt or at least a vintage Germaine Monteil, please]

My favorite YSL fragrance smells like a heavily used, but freshly clean, men's bathroom and lately I've been wearing it in the 90 degree heat. It's horrifying and so much fun.

slunken 06-06-2023 06:23 PM

If you're a woman and you have long hair that reaches past your butt and you're over the age of 25 that's a fetish thing, right?

slunken 06-06-2023 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by TheAlter (Post 4626604)
Sounds like you got fucked over, i've never heard of such a 'fragrance' especially from la Maison Laure nt

YSL = Yves Saint L a u r e nt you dum-dum

woah her name is censored lmao

slunken 06-06-2023 07:44 PM


Is that the Manson family type or the Connecticut Chloe Sevigny type, i just can't tell
I'd take either tbh, I'm gonna get her

and by "get her" i mean never directly talk to her

slunken 06-06-2023 07:47 PM

best way to get girls is absolutely never even look them in the eye or acknowledge them

they LOVE that

ilikeplanets 06-06-2023 08:07 PM

If they are over 25, they won't want to be called a "girl"

ilikeplanets 06-06-2023 08:08 PM

Unless it's a fetish thing

slunken 06-06-2023 11:06 PM

nah i think guys should focus more on never speaking to or making eye contact with "t h e m"

vixnix 06-07-2023 04:43 AM

Older women in Australia call each other girls. I was so charmed by it that I still do it now, back in NZ. I mean women 30+. A 45 year old will be talking to a group of women who are between 50-90 years old and she’ll say “Come on girls, let’s get some lunch”.

I loved it. It was somehow friendlier than saying “C’mon ladies”

But yeah probs different if slunken is calling a 25 year old a girl to her face like “hey gurl, let’s get lunch” that seems less friendly and more kinda power wielding or something, like “hey young female, come get lunch with me, an older male”. Kinda different vibe

vixnix 06-07-2023 04:44 AM

I feel like you would never to do that, slunken - just in case that isn’t clear. You don’t come across as that kind of person or anything

topleybird 06-07-2023 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by ilikeplanets (Post 4626610)
If they are over 25, they won't want to be called a "girl"

Wow uh how about no

Disco King 06-07-2023 02:06 PM

I dunno, I hear the words "boys" and "girls" used to refer to men and women all the time that it seems normal to me.

Probably depends on the context. It would be weird to say "the Cabinet is composed of 50% boys and 50% girls." But normal to say "the boys/girls are out getting lunch."

Ram27 06-07-2023 03:07 PM

man / woman sounds very formal or professional, almost like saying ma'am and sir

Ram27 06-07-2023 03:09 PM

girl - woman feels like there aren't enough terms in the middle, formality wise. lady, maybe?

boy - man you have like, dude guy lad bro

Ram27 06-07-2023 03:10 PM

girl -- woman feels too binary, almost, in terms of formality. maybe lady?

boy -- man you can use like dude, guy, bro, lad, etc

slunken 06-07-2023 07:15 PM


Originally Posted by vixnix (Post 4626627)
I feel like you would never to do that, slunken - just in case that isn’t clear. You don’t come across as that kind of person or anything

thanks for the vote of confidence. semantics used to be a fun philosophical game. now it's a pissing match of a nightmare.

i'm just going to come out and say that if you're over the age of 25 and have hair past your bottom it's a fetish thing.

slunken 06-07-2023 07:28 PM

In the meantime, I'll be sure to get a white woman from HR to write my apology that I can sign my name to and then publish here.

yo soy el mejor 06-07-2023 08:27 PM


Originally Posted by Ram27 (Post 4626478)
i spent $42 on a candle that is meant to smell like verveine, whatever that is

for yourself? i got my moms a $30 something dollar candle but i cant imagine spending that much on a candle for myself and i am a candle bitch. always gotta talk myself out of buying another

yo soy el mejor 06-07-2023 08:29 PM

you know what?! im going to light one right now

Ram27 06-08-2023 01:39 AM

yeah - i got it just to do it, it's like a posh french company and i wondered if a tiny $42 candle was worth it compared to like yankee candle $30

i do think it smells richer but it's not throwing very much [learnt that word]

Ram27 06-08-2023 01:42 AM

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