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Ramdust 12-06-2014 09:06 PM

Just listened to this. Fucking great set. Thanks pavement

davin 12-11-2014 01:59 PM

i was at this show. very cold, very bitter about recent legal bullshit from BC, and very very jet-lagged from arriving no less than 6 hours prior, from the EU (~~~~it was great seeing you, Bram! Sorry I can't hold my strong belgian beer as well as i should have; i'm out of practice! don't judge! haha ~~~~)

here's some random thoughts about the show:

crowd sucked
testostero-pumpkins 5.0
more facial hair in the pumpkins than ever before
definitely a warm-up gig; mark was just staring at his frets and billy, to get all the timings right. bradf, jeff and BC were very much in-sync though.

also....tonight tonight and siyl both had a very earth pounding presence to them. not articulate and precise like Jimmy C -- but more pound, poound, cymbal crash, cymbal crash. I would lovef to see Brad play Starzzzzzz.

Hummer was OK, drown was OK.....the heavy DIsarm was nice. But up until that point SIYL was the best.

All the MtaE tracks sounded better live --- THANK GOD. Monuments and Drum n Fife were very cool.

Silverfuck was badass. I like the new cadence that BC sings the lyrics too. 'twas awesome.

Fame was cool too.

But overall, as I approach 60 shows of "SP proper" -- i give this show a B-. The whole thing couled have been a lot cooler for an 850 person intimate warm-up pop-uip show. namely, not make us wait in the fuckin cold for so long for no reason. BC could have been a little friendlier....and i dunno, just been a normal human about shit.

i know its probably my lawsuit bitterness, but fuck man, try to be a little more enagging with the crowd, Billy! what happened to you idealizing the Perry Ferrel esque front-man! I miss the shiny GLOW dress. even then, and playing shitty casinos just outside of chicago, you brought much more love, humanity and good energy.

...that is all.

New Art Rioter 12-11-2014 03:37 PM

Legal bullshit...? Is this from the recent leaks?

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