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LaBelle 12-13-2020 06:57 PM

I found them in the picture

FoolofaTook 12-13-2020 08:04 PM

This isn't a laughing matter.

I gave this some more thought today and concluded that there is NO WAY the hotel staff stole my shorts? Why would they settle for $5 Walmart shorts when they could take a MONO shirt, or and ALCEST shirt, or either one of my two BORIS shirts?

In other news, there is another gringo here. :hanging: He's totally unchill, immediately started complaining about there being no sign in front of the hotel (Where's the hotel sign? There should be a hotel sign!). Fucking gringos ... ugh.

queenoftheswine 12-13-2020 08:32 PM


FoolofaTook 12-13-2020 08:34 PM

Joey Goldberg 12-13-2020 09:55 PM

took on that full-fledged rona world TOUR

FoolofaTook 12-13-2020 10:18 PM

shit anywhere's safer than the USA

like, literally.

cork_soaker 12-13-2020 10:34 PM


Originally Posted by FoolofaTook (Post 4570321)
btw have you seen my shorts?

the universe has done you a favor

FoolofaTook 12-13-2020 10:45 PM

i never wear them in public, friend. well, only in orlando. who cares what a bunch of honkies think.

Joey Goldberg 12-13-2020 10:50 PM

i might know of someone

FoolofaTook 12-14-2020 12:24 PM


just got an email from my mom.

i left the shorts in orlando

reprise85 12-14-2020 07:25 PM

so u got a phone but don't text huh

FoolofaTook 12-14-2020 07:47 PM

Nah, I just borrowed my mom's tablet.

buzzard 12-14-2020 08:06 PM

Then how did she email you?

LaBelle 12-14-2020 08:09 PM

This story has more holes than the lounging shorts.

MyOneAndOnly 12-14-2020 08:25 PM

i knew this was a lie when he brought up Alcest

FoolofaTook 12-14-2020 08:31 PM

It's true, what can I say.

I actually brought TWO Alcest shirts, and TWO Boris shirts (plus a Boris hoodie), to along with my MONO shirt.

I left my OM shirt tho. Don't want anyone to get the wrong idea that I am a druggie or anything.

FoolofaTook 12-14-2020 08:34 PM

Speaking of drugs, that rude gringo who showed up complaining last night was a total coke-head. He had a friend over and they were yelling at the top of their voices from like 2300 to 0300. Ugh.

Fortunately I was drunk and stoned and watching Bajirao Mastani. Grimes totally ripped off the ending of the third or second song (I can't remember exactly) for the end of 4AM. Also Grimes copies a lot of the dance gestures of Deepika Padukone.

FoolofaTook 12-14-2020 08:37 PM

See? Grimes loves this shit. Total stoner lololol.

FoolofaTook 12-17-2020 11:01 AM

there are no cats in this city. i've seen two cats in a week.


LaBelle 12-18-2020 01:16 AM

I seen a cat every day.
Is it the same cat?
Who can say

FoolofaTook 12-18-2020 09:36 AM

I saw my third cat yesterday. It was a big dark grey.

There are buttloads of dogs tho. Some let me pet them. So that helps.

FoolofaTook 12-19-2020 03:15 PM

Fourth cat. Also saw four parrots, two pairs flying in Volador. They were huge--blue, red, and orange. Sweet.

There are a couple of mariachis a couple of blocks away from me, just rocking out on the sidewalk with amplifiers on a pickup. :D

buzzard 12-19-2020 05:15 PM

Traveling the world and physically interacting with neighborhood animals along the way puts you in a solid position to complete the pandemic trifecta. All you need now is access to a religious gathering or two.

FoolofaTook 12-20-2020 04:24 PM

tbh i was thinking about going to xmas midnight mass

where would i toke up before tho?

FoolofaTook 12-20-2020 04:25 PM

also they have super cute pigeons here. they are like half the size of regular pigeons and have reddish brown bods.


FoolofaTook 12-20-2020 10:08 PM

FoolofaTook 12-21-2020 03:20 PM

so, i just sharted myself again. this time i wasn't so lucky as in konya. it seeped thru my boxers (remember i forgot my shorts? this is what happens!) and right onto the bed.

i was able to clean it up more or less with water and soap so now it just looks like a big coffee stain that smells like feces.


this colombian coffee is no joke, i tell you what.

Joey Goldberg 12-21-2020 03:30 PM

you are truly a fool without shame

Joey Goldberg 12-21-2020 03:33 PM

sha sha sha sha sha

FoolofaTook 12-21-2020 03:36 PM

oh believe me i am ashamed.

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