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Donations Information - Help Support Netphoria

Donations - Why Support Netphoria?

The Netphoria Message Board is entirely free to use and join and always will be. But the site does cost us money to run. Server operating costs, bandwidth usage and maintanence time these costs and more all come out of our own pocket. Netphoria does not make any money, it in fact loses money most months and only occasionally breaks even. This is why we need support from you to help keep Netphoria running, if you have enjoyed your experience here at Netphoria why not give back to it? Every little bit helps, and this is your chance to contribute!

A Netphoria Supporter is someone who has decided to show us a little appreciation and cough up some dough for the greater good of Netphoria and our growing community. We aren't asking for much. A couple of lunches perhaps, maybe a skipped hair cut or two, for a year of special account privileges plus unwavering community recognition and admiration!

What do I get?

Yes, yes, the perks. Being a Netphoria Donation Supporter does have its privileges. Let us enumerate them for you:
  1. NO ADS - Removal of Top Ad, Removal of Ads below Nav Links, etc...
  2. Custom User Title (appears below username)
  3. Increased PM Storage to 200 (default 50)
  4. Forum 9 Access - Join the Elite Private Board

Best of all, any Netphoria Donation Supporter will enjoy future features we add to the plan at no additional cost until their next renewal!

How much will it cost me?

It's not what it costs, my friend, it's what you get for your money. The value propostion. How can you put a price on instant community respect? How can you quantify the increased joy from not being annoyed by ads popping up in your face all the time, among the other perks? These things cannot be measured.

That being said, we have 3 donation subscription options. 6 Months (at $7.50US), 1 Year(at $15.00US) and a LIFETIME (at $50.00US) membership option. Not sure which option to try? Try perhaps the 6 months or 1 year option and see how it works out. Or, if you plan on being with us for a while, you can a LIFETIME membership for just $50. That's just $50 - once, never pay again! Not a bad deal, eh?

How do I sign up?

See, we knew you'd do the right thing. It's true what they say, there's a little good in everyone. We've tried to make it as easy for you as possible. Simply head over to the subscription page and press the button.

Wait, let's make it really easy:


What Happened to my Donation Status?

If you recently lost your donation status and privileges, you most likely haven't donated within the past year. Anyone who has donated within the past year can have their donation status restored if you provide me your Paypal email in which you donated, a few people's status were accidentally reset because their donation email did not match their username email.

So in short, if you feel something got screwed up on your account please contact me about it.

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