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  1. discuss the finer points of sp songs
  2. Whose recording SP on "The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos"
  3. hELLO kITTY kAT
  4. Drum talk: your favourite Jimmy moments
  5. itt post awesome live performances
  6. Machina Reissue
  7. looking for those 1fatslug video clips
  8. The Albert0 Thread
  9. Paz is the touring bassist for the Pixies
  10. So when is Jimmy coming back?
  12. Do you guys think Billy's ever going to address what went down with Nicole and Byrne?
  13. Best 10 seconds of music per album
  14. There should be magnet linked torrents on to demos, etc.
  15. Countdown to Billy retiring the smashing pumpkins
  16. New Waver (not a new demo leak)
  17. Links to Smashing Pumpkins unreleased material & bottlegs is prohibited here
  18. Monuments To An Elegy Release Date - December 9th, 2014
  19. Let's all thank Courtney Love
  20. Adore deluxe box booklet scan large pictures.
  21. Can we talk about how fucked up Machina-era Billy was onstage
  22. why does MTAE suck so much?
  23. Gravity Demos Appreciation Thread
  24. Post band members fucking up live
  25. Chrysanthemum - a wish unwished, a hope unhoped
  26. any netphorians going to Florida sp date, May 1?
  27. Happy 70th Birthday Mike Garson
  28. Worst song titles
  29. Recent MCIS demo leaks (one and two, the tracer)
  30. So, what's your fave SP...
  31. What happened to Airplane Mode and the baby?
  32. 7 Shades of Black is almost unlistenable.
  33. Corgan’s failed/abandoned/unreleased projects
  34. Soundboard Galore
  35. ISO: Solo/Side Projects
  36. 5X LP Siddartha release
  37. Age Of Innocence
  38. Happy Birthday, D'ARCY!
  39. Best Reissue Moment
  40. Super rare Mellon Collie acoustic footage
  41. Pastoral Zwan appreciation
  42. The Future Embrace [revisited]
  43. William Patrick BILLY CORGAN’s third SOLO ALBUM „666“(Working Title!)
  44. Best Corgan guitar swings
  45. The return of the Smashing Pumpkins Recording Sessions
  46. Soundboard/video sync of the last Silverfuck in Landover
  47. Saint Patrick and the **** Machina Mystery.
  48. D'arcy's first interview in 20 years with Alternative Nation is up!.
  49. Bob English
  50. William Patrick Corgan - God Is Everywhere, From Here to There [a timeline)
  51. Rick Beato breaks down 1979
  52. Smashing Pumpkins covers thread
  53. Remember how exciting it was when the first clip of United States came out?
  54. SP live on Jimmy Fallon
  55. Today marks a significant milestone anniversary for a significant release by SP
  56. Billy's Q&A on Instagram
  57. Jack Bates Appreciation Thread
  58. Could anyone link me to the MCIS silverfuck where
  59. Machina reissue a go
  60. Can you identify this 2018 tour guitar pick?
  61. Title of new album: Shiny And Oh So Bright, Vol. 1 / LP: No Past. No Future. No Sun
  62. Chicago trip 11/29/00 - 12/02/00 / 18 year United Center Anniversary
  63. 1979 filming locations
  64. Rock Hall of Fame Nominations Out
  65. Adore 1997 vs Adore 2014 remaster
  66. Judas MonteriotLDS
  67. SP 2019: EUROPEAN TOUR (dates added on page 1)
  68. Another Pro-shot Smashing Pumpkins show in 2018...
  69. Zwan reissue & tour
  70. Smashing Pumpkins sightings/references in pop-culture
  71. What if Netphoria vs. Sadmachines, but Weezer?
  72. Has anyone actually listened to PAstIchio [you imbecile swine] Medley in one sitting?
  73. He used to be a little boy
  74. Tracks that belong on other albums
  75. He found the stolen Gish Strat
  76. Horseshit Collection Vol. 1
  77. First Arising! show videos from the O-site, 1999, restored
  79. SP: 2019 NA Summer Tour (feat. Gallagher and AFI)
  80. Shit, man... The Future Embrace is actual fire
  81. SOSB Volume 2
  82. Happy Birthday Billy
  83. Has Billy given an update on his book lately?
  84. Shittiest SP Tribute Album covers
  85. PNC Pavillion in Charlotte..
  86. WPC on a Roller Coaster... again.
  87. why is stranglehold part of window paine?
  88. D'arcy's boyfriend promoting his metal band
  89. Listen. I don't play drums, but why the hate for Mike Byrne?
  90. Live on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, restored
  91. me, age 13, playing the cherub rock solo
  92. Band Timeline
  93. Pumpkins records for sale...
  94. gofundme to pay 1fatslug to destroy Shiny and Bright in a fiery act of youtube rage
  95. SOSB Volume. 3
  96. Bugg Superstar Ultimate Appreciation Super-Mega-Thread
  97. When Billy Goes...
  98. Epic cover/reimagining of Tonight Tonight
  99. It's really pissing me off that...
  100. When is Billy gonna release his tax returns?
  101. Does anyone have the M-Audio Jimmy Chamberlin Signature Drums Volume 1?
  102. FALCO & Corgan dropping down the tuning for most of the classics during the reunion
  103. REVEALED: BILLY CORGAN's DEPRESSION in an exclusive animation
  104. Songs we'll never hear again live...
  105. Corgan dropping down his pants for most of the classics during the reunion
  106. Dear Billy,
  107. Did JC really play on "Shiny And Oh So Bright, Vol. 1?"
  108. Gish turns 28
  109. The Smashing Pumpkins Releases Shiny And Oh So Bright Tour Mini-Documentary
  110. Fan made b0lly videos or fanmade cobain videos?
  111. Gish Month turns 21
  112. Poll: Poll: Which version of Perfect do you prefer?
  113. Happy birthday Jimmy C!
  114. Superchrist
  115. The Rest Of The Story About Billy Corgan's Stolen 'Gish' Guitar
  116. 2007 Sets
  117. Worst SP tour
  118. All I Listen To From The New Album Is Knights Of Malta Milk Shakes
  119. Who is tapedatashow from
  120. Free TSP Bootleg Collection
  121. Tear - Live (San Paulo session) appreciation
  122. 99 Floors versus other songs with 99 in the title.
  123. Is Billy Destined To Slip Into The Ass Crack Of Obscurity?
  124. Is Billy Corgan Destined to Slip in the Bathtub?
  125. Is the MCIS era Silverfuck awesome or Billy's self-indulgent bullshit embodied?
  126. Songs that use the octave finger pattern
  127. Billy helped Korn write their new single
  128. Is MCIS era awesome or Billy’s self-indulgent bullshit embodied?
  129. REELZ Show About SP
  130. Live At Eurockéennes on ARTE Concert
  131. Okay what the fuck does "we share the same monkey disease" even mean
  132. Richard Patrick (Filter) talking about D'Arcy
  133. apparently bc has been telling lots of stories before his solo tour songs so where
  134. How intelligent are Billy and his bandmates?
  135. Revealed: BILLY CORGAN OUT OF MUSIC INDUSTRY (after his 60th birthday)
  136. Excellent post from Reddit in regards to the bands new live sound
  137. Know what was a really lame move?
  138. Katie Cole sucks. Listen to how bad she fucks up this intro. Very unproffesional!
  139. There Is a Holy Trinity of Siamese Dream shows
  140. Billy Corgan keeps hack Brett Buchanan in a job
  141. PROJECT: The Top 25 Live SP Songs
  142. Billy is the musical consigliere of third eye blind's new album
  143. Definitive rip of Machina 2?
  144. James Yeehaw
  145. How often do you listen to the Pashing Smumpkins?
  146. Great News!!!
  147. Did Billy write the Power Rangers theme?
  148. Don't be pointing out the obvious to SPFreaks
  149. They're gonna be on Colbert 8/7
  150. Do you honor the Machina II LP track list and order?
  151. Let's see your Pumpkins t-shirts, losers
  152. Summer 2019 tour setlist seriously?
  153. Billy is planning to put out three to four archival releases a year
  154. Billy letting loose on buttcannon on his insta
  155. Home versions
  156. Does Billy Read Netphoria?
  157. How fat is the average Pumpkins' fan?
  158. What SP landmarks should I visit while in Chicago ?
  159. Thread outtakes & b-sides and The Case of JC's Hair
  160. Interview with Katie Cole
  161. Who is going to charlotte tonight?
  162. Smashing Pumpkins related California trip
  163. Billy’s SD/MCIS guitars
  164. Post your favorite live performances of songs from 2007 to NOW
  165. Adore Jimmy live compilation.
  166. Moments when Billy was really feeling it!
  167. D'arcy responds to Noel Gallagher insult
  168. Mikey's old blog is so soul crushing to read in retrospect
  169. Hurricane Dorian: the perfect opportunity for Billy to re-release Dorian.
  170. Q&A - Programa Livre - São Paulo (1998)
  171. Recordings that prove Darcy killed it on bass
  172. Recordings that prove Jack killed it on bass
  173. Recordings that prove The Holiest of Bald Lords killed it on bass
  174. FOL depreciation thread
  175. Absolutely underrated I Am One I never see anyone mention
  177. Ric Ocasek has passed away at 75
  178. H E L P
  179. Least favorite fans in concert boots?
  180. CMV: Chrysanthemum is the best song Corgan ever wrote
  181. I Of The Mourning Is The Greatest Song Billy Has Ever Written (Period)
  182. what are your fav shows up on the LMA (live music archive)?
  183. Jeff's new project: NIGHT DREAMER
  184. The Big Zwan Theory.
  186. could we ever come up with a consensus on the best SP song?
  187. Jimmy Chamberlin Complex
  188. Veruca Salt
  189. He was off the radar until us!
  190. Zowie Is A Really Good Song
  191. Question about Eye in Lost Highway
  193. What if the Pumpkins replaced Billy with D'arcy as the lead singer?
  194. is shutting down
  195. ISO the mellon collie era show where billy's guitar dies and james has to play a
  196. Been Listening To A Lot Of Live Shows Lately Through My Headphones
  197. Anybody play underlords?
  198. I shared my vintage Pumpkins tees on a YouTube show called Stash Raiders
  199. Date that the SP Christmas album gets released
  200. New William Patrick Corgan Album: Cotillions
  201. Interesting setlist choices (ore-2000 because post-2000 is inherently un-interesting)
  202. The Smashing Pumpkins - Mayonaise | REACTION
  203. Anyone Going To See Billy In LA
  204. I'M CALLING YOU OUT - Alternative Nation's Brett Buchanan
  205. 5/19/98 Lisbon Portugal Is The Best
  206. Teargarden isn't even an original project name
  207. Corgan singing 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame' at Wrigley, 2003 NLCS Game 7
  208. JIMMY CLINIC ALERT 11/14/19
  209. OMG Billy's new song is awesome!!!
  210. No Live Shows Next Year (Supposedly)
  211. Bleeding the Orchid is a good song
  212. Gish month turns 21
  213. What do you consider to be Jimmy Chamberlin's greatest performance?
  214. lol imagine if Pearl Jam covered Snail
  215. Billy Corgan admits to shocking anal sex fetish
  216. Corgan’s wrestling promo under fire for racism
  217. New Corgan interview!!
  218. Cotillions Thread
  219. Best proshot to watch on acid?
  220. what is your favourite smashing pumpkins song
  221. Smashing Pumpkins songs have to be played loud to be appreciated.
  222. is this crackhead darcy
  223. By the end of 2019 I will listen to and review a post-reunion release I haven't heard
  224. What’s up with all the Metro Show postings online?
  225. 19 years ago today....
  226. What song is this ya nerds?
  227. I Feel Ashamed
  228. 2011 tour soundboards
  229. rare pro-shot acoustic Cherub Rock - watch it before Pumpkins camp takes it down
  230. Cotillions Album Rating???
  231. Is Billy A Genius?
  232. Is Billy Corgan a Genie?
  233. Did James ever struggle with addiction like his bandmates?
  234. mancow throwback
  235. Billy's best scream
  236. Billy's best cream
  237. Any chance for a MCIS 25 aniversary tour in 2020?
  238. If SP had to rerecord all their old records, Taylor Swift style, would you be down?
  239. David S. Pumpkins v Smashing Pumpkins in the 2010s.
  240. Please link post-2000 Iha banter highlights
  241. Old Flood Q&A about working with Smashing Pumpkins
  242. Reverend
  243. i love to feel the rain in the summertime
  244. Lurkers corner
  245. How do you pronounce Cherub Rock?
  246. Do you even care about the Metro DVD anymore?
  247. What can we really expect from Billy? What can he really expect from us?
  248. Doing Some Work Tonight
  249. The Discographers: Smashing Pumpkins special
  250. Your 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees are…