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  1. albums with astonishingly bad production:
  2. Best song ever
  3. Is Alternative rock dead?
  4. So what's exactly wrong with Machina's production?
  5. Best ever live album - EVER!!!
  6. top five essential records you don't think get enough recognition
  7. ST# 1
  8. Tell me about a band you love that nobody has ever heard of.
  9. Ian Johnson and AMG Present: the Chipmunk Contest!
  11. ST# 8 - Your top 5 CDs released in the year 2001 list.
  12. songs with the word f4g0t in them.
  13. When you die...
  14. Thumbs up or thumbs down?: Pearl Jam
  15. st#513.56: favorite pixies song?
  16. ST#11 - What band t shirts do you own?
  17. Bands that don't get talked about enough on Netphoria
  18. briefly tell your thoughts about these artists/bands
  19. poll: best rappers of all time
  20. Reccomend me 3 songs to download
  21. Brag about your state!
  22. New Oasis Album Leaked
  23. Rules for Audiences of Rock
  24. So What Exactly Is Wrong With Wearing Band Shirts?
  25. best album of 2002?
  26. specific artist- overrated album/underrated album.
  27. Best Sexy Songs.
  28. Songs with your name in them
  29. Cool CDs I bought today
  30. Gwen Stefani is a beast
  31. st# 34 - Concerts you have attended:
  32. This is the music video for Nirvana's "you know you're right"...
  33. Elvis never meant a shit to me!
  34. top 10 songs from your favorite artists
  35. jump little children were so good tonight.
  36. ST: Concerts you're looking forward to
  37. Songs about rape
  38. i went to the virgin megastore today
  39. Netphorians Top Ten Non-Pumpkins Albums of the 1990s
  40. oh shit amg isn't working!
  41. Belle and Sebastian
  42. Rekurds I bot yesturdae
  43. So some say the music board sucks
  44. Lyrics for Things I don't remember.
  45. What kind music/bands have you listened throughout your life
  46. if someone uploaded the entire QOTSA songs4defppl 2 net. ftp...
  47. Acid Mothers Temple in Mpls...
  48. Song of the week
  49. So who's seein Beck and The Flaming Lips tonight in indy?...Sea Change opinions?
  50. the elephant six is officially dead. hurrah!
  51. ST: your last mix.
  52. VH1 Vogue Fashion awards
  53. Foo Fighters in Toronto...extra tickets?
  54. Hey ma
  55. songs about masturbation:
  56. Why does the new Disturbed single...
  57. Ella Fitzgerald, etc.
  58. greatest american modern songwriter
  59. KOOP - Summer Sun
  60. songs about eating shit:
  61. Song help!!!
  62. an odd request, but...
  63. New Interpol US tour dates
  64. Songs about dildos
  65. the new Tori Amos video
  66. In DC this Sat. 10/26?
  67. Audioslave forced to pay "Bad Band Name" tax
  68. Foo Fighters - One By One (Mixing/Engineering)
  69. Your New Favourite Mod's Cd purchases of the week(10/23)
  70. The Police-"mother"
  71. Angels of Light - How I Loved You
  72. Fri 10/25 Fletcher's Baltimore
  73. () was a dissapointment...
  74. Jason Mraz?
  75. What the fuck!!! Filter cancelled their shows!!!!
  76. finally got the pavement DVD Slow Century
  77. HOLY SHIT GUYS!!! omg my band played with REAL live indie bands!!!! holy shit!!!!
  78. apparently bjork sings this song too
  79. Gwen Mars
  80. the fucking champs
  81. Albums where the second half is definitely better than the first?
  82. Albums with great prime numbered tracks! (1,2,3,5,7,11)
  83. Mushroom Jazz 4 tour
  84. Songs about your town!
  85. list cool music videos here
  86. hooverphonic
  87. Saw The Dismemberment Plan last night
  88. Song Recommendations - old, new, whathaveyou...
  89. Download TOOL covering The Ramones' 'Commando'
  90. great songs < 2:00 long
  91. Did anyone (will anyone) see Cat Power on this tour?
  92. ftp stuff
  93. Holy Fuck! (VAST)Is pl
  94. Why the motherfucking fuck is Tool playing Third Eye regularly now?!?!
  95. A Fire Theft Song Is Now Available!!!
  96. bored, so my first poll: whats your favorite NIN album?
  97. Missy Elliott - Work It
  98. I just heard the taodies for the first time...
  99. Is there any kind of "SPFC" for the Beatles out there?
  100. Rod Stewart hurry up and die.
  101. Leadmen with Morrison-esque stage rants
  102. poll: favorite smiths album
  103. Bridge School Benefit 10.26.02
  104. help me with this song..
  105. pitchfork messageboard link?
  106. tom petty speaks out
  107. birmingham scene kids suck ass
  108. holy shit! i bought some cds...
  109. Cds I bought in the US and forgot to post about
  110. Post Count Updates
  111. Hot water music
  112. We im the first to admit it
  113. Last five albums you done listened to.
  114. Brigde School 10.27.02 (Thom fucking Yorke)
  115. Let's say I wanted to copy Cornelius....
  116. Help me identify this song
  117. correct me if I'm wrong...
  118. magnetic fields - busby berkeley dreams
  119. Which CD's will YOU be getting on 10.29?
  120. bed squeaks and belly slapping
  121. who r your favorite bands?
  122. the day the world cried
  123. This new band Earshot should be called TÍL
  124. Tell me what sad songs I should play
  125. the fugees - fu-gee-la
  126. people dissing on el-p on some other board
  127. simian
  128. Just got Hemophiliac in the mail...
  129. What do you think of Heathen?
  130. tool and metallica are better than any of ur shit bands u talk about on here
  131. Beck/Lips on Conan tonight.
  132. remember last april..
  133. do u think nin will break up soon?
  134. Radiohead: No Surprises/Running from Demons
  135. MC Paul Barman - Paullelujah!
  136. MATTHEW GOOD: when the fuck is that cd coming out anyway?
  137. I Bought Nirvana... or How I Stopped Caring and Learned to Sell Out
  138. CDs I bought yesterday
  139. Sleater-Kinney on Conan tonight
  140. tech n9ne - "i'm a playa"
  141. ATTN - Nada Surf fans
  142. dirty(in a good way) guitar riffs...
  143. Why is Pitchfork always so late reviewing CDs?
  144. has anyone seen the new coldplay video?
  145. u guys like good charlotte?
  146. The Microphones Song Islands
  147. the fire theft song released
  148. wilco tour question
  149. im back from seeing bright eyes
  150. I challenge all of you to Rock And Roll Jeopardy
  151. New Cds for Gav(10/31)
  152. Another mashup, this one damn near perfect
  153. Run-DMC DJ shot in the head
  154. Barry White (may be) dead
  155. omg! david gray tour.!!!
  156. Am I the only one who finds this funny?
  157. ( )
  158. The Microphones - The Glow Pt. 2
  159. Andrew WK confuses me
  160. sigur ros- the full-fledged north american theatre tour
  161. New Foo Fighters
  162. attention music fans
  163. Northstar
  164. Foo Fighters on Letterman, Flaming lips on Conan tonight! (10.31.02)
  165. Laurie Anderson appreciation thread:
  166. RESULTS: Netphorians Top Ten Non-Pumpkins Albums of the 1990s
  167. Are the Datsuns really the best live band in the world right now?
  168. Vote in your fav. Beatle
  169. It's about time PFM reviewed the Comets on Fire album
  170. Handsome
  171. Marvin Gaye - Here, My Dear
  172. Tori: Scarlet's walk
  173. favorite song?
  174. Give Whitey some good hiphop recommendations.
  175. The suicide song
  176. interesting article on unreleased Nirvana tunes...
  177. i don't listen to music
  178. I sent my Netphorian CD Exchange CD...
  179. How do you guys organize your CDs?
  180. Belly & Thom Yorke
  181. kurt cobain
  182. snoop dawg is my dawg
  183. There's this certain seductiveness about Dave Mathews Band...
  184. what's this song?
  185. song reccomendations!
  186. Time for me to get into the Flaming Lips
  187. most accessible bright eyes album/songs?
  188. lost souls vs last broadcast
  189. An overrated bands poll
  190. Rasputina- Thanks for the Ether
  191. Leave Sean Casey the fuck alone.
  192. System of a Down - Steal This Album
  193. gorillaz-g sides
  194. lol Sean Casey is like All Music Guide
  195. Stone Sour
  196. melt banana live!!!
  197. This is a Yo La Tengo appreciation thread
  198. just got back from the vines and guess what...
  199. A Sunny Day Real Estate thread
  200. "Alive" SNL
  201. Anyone know of any web sites that have footage of:
  202. new Badly Drawn Boy record
  203. Year of the Rabbit - Hunted EP
  204. Recommend found sounds and field recordings.
  205. Stuff I got today
  206. Need to find...
  207. the death of the cassette
  208. bjork's family tree and greatest hits. today.
  209. Are you lickin' it or are you chicken shit?
  210. Failure
  211. The Dismemberment Plan 11/3
  212. So what do you guys think of The Flaming Lips' Egg and Acid?
  213. Pearl Jam "Riot Act" Review
  214. 6gig- Broadcast Transmission Red EP
  215. so if I really dig the latest Blackalicious disc....
  216. Ekkehard Ehlers - Plays
  217. why must this song continually break my heart?
  218. how come kill hannah arent this insanely mainstream band?
  219. The New Bomb Turks
  220. I just won tickets to see Tindersticks
  221. U2 - Best of 1990-2000
  222. Pete Townshend responds to Kurt's journal insult
  223. Go buy Ours - Precious today. $7.99 at Best Buy!
  224. Soledad Brothers - Peel Sessions - 11/06/02
  225. Tears for Fears- Mad World
  226. I had today off. I listened to these.
  227. rediscovering urban hymns made me wonder what the fuck happened to Nick Macabe...
  228. your taste in 25 steps
  229. Someone U/L Pedro - It's Hard To Find A Friend
  230. I love the Broken EP
  231. recommend my next yo la tengo
  232. my friends band is opening up for creed in evansville
  233. Who sings "Can't Explain"
  234. I know this is a long shot, but...
  235. Another week, Another batch of New CDs(11/07)
  236. Who sings that 'coppertone' song??
  237. The Cure- Trilogy Shows
  238. Pink Floyd or Radiohead?
  239. The logical future of "emo"
  240. I actually like a Tori Amos song :(
  241. OFFICIAL Netphorian CD Swap Tracklistings
  242. Hot Hot Heat
  243. Yanqui u.x.o.
  244. Koko the Gorilla to break into music biz...
  245. His Name Is Alive - Last Night
  246. have coldplay crcked the US?
  247. Kittie Vines
  248. does anyone like 30 Seconds to Mars ?
  249. Tapeworm: Possible Release Date
  250. The Soft Boys - Nextdoorland