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  1. Pearl Jam Discussion
  2. albums you listened to today
  3. Thread for posting your musics
  4. Green Day- Insomniac
  5. track of the day
  6. Guitar Playing and gear thread
  7. Thread for Boris
  8. Will someone talk to me about Jimmy Eat World
  9. The Beach Boys
  10. st # 567898765: recently purchased albums, ep's, singles etc
  11. Queens of the Stone Age - Villains
  12. Ivanka Trump on cover of new Gang of Four album "Complicit"
  13. RIP Scott Hutchison
  14. WHY? - Playing Alopecia front to back (US, UK & EU)
  15. Cursive - New album, original drummer, fall tour, I miss FlamingGlobes
  16. Hum - Working on a new album & Matt's upcoming Living Room tour
  17. Joy Formidable - AAARTH
  18. Let's talk Jonah Matranga (Far, onelinedrawing, New End Original)
  19. Killing Fucking Joke
  20. Rank NIN albums/EPs
  21. Deftones
  22. any static-x fans here?
  23. ITT Grimes
  24. dredg - new album, tour and box set release 2019
  25. 2019 releases
  26. Swervedriver & Failure co-headlining tour
  27. Uranium Club
  28. So Ryan Adams is a totally insane creepo abuser
  30. I thought I didn't listen to metal anymore
  31. What Cure album should i listen to next?
  32. The Joy Formidable (I hugged all three of them last night)
  33. Narrow Stairs - underrated record or the most underrated record?
  34. Boris are coming to town 9/12
  35. The National - I Am Easy to Find
  36. Carly Rae Jepsen's "Dedicated"
  37. Scott Walker punching a donkey in the streets of Galway in hell
  38. Riot Fest
  39. Summer jamz
  40. 18 Hours of OK Computer demos
  41. Record collections
  42. Hundreds of thousands of master tapes of artists you love burning IN HELL
  43. Baroness - Gold & Grey
  44. Astoundingly bad songs by (somewhat) major artists
  45. What was the last CD you bought?
  46. Pile - Green & Grey
  47. Poop - Brown and Black
  48. Red-White And Blue
  49. do you guys like this song?
  50. do you guys like this song?
  51. i promise not to make a ton of threads like this but.. do you like this song?
  52. purple mountains
  53. There is a new Tool song
  54. David Berman - Silver Jews and Purple Mountains thread
  55. There is a new Tool song
  56. There is an old Tool song
  57. Sleater Kinney - The Center Wonít Hold
  58. Taylor Swift - Lover
  59. Lana Del Ray-Norman Fucking Rockwell
  60. SUNN0))) LIVE
  61. Charly Bliss.
  62. There is a new Swans song
  63. There is a new Temple song
  64. Welcome to Thunderdome
  65. There is a new Consumer song
  66. Manchester Orchestra
  67. Simply Red - Life
  68. big thief
  69. Neil Young With Crazy Horse Ė Colorado
  70. The Smiths reunion next year
  71. U.S. "Big Four" vs. Teutonic "Big Four"
  72. FKA twigs - MAGDALENE
  73. REM - Monster 25th anniversary
  74. Did the terribleness of Everything Now reveal to u the emptiness of Reflektor?
  75. Hey, so that new Green Day song on the radio
  76. Best of 2019
  77. Been on a major Karen Carpenter kick lately
  78. Soul Coughing to reunite in 2020
  79. I want to live in a world where Taylor Swift fronts an alt rock band
  80. bring me a pie of love
  81. 2020 releases
  82. please recommend insanely catchy pop songs here
  83. When I want to listen to more bands like Lungfish, I listen to Wilderness
  84. Neneh Cherry and Eagle Eye Cherry are related
  85. Harperís Jar
  86. The Taylor Swift documentary
  87. Letís talk about Failure (ilikeplanets Iím looking at you)
  88. Songs that make your eyes roll back into your head
  89. holy shit chester Bennington died?
  90. Andy Gill leaving the first 3 Gang of Four albums off Spotify IN HELL
  91. I just learned that Soul Asylum are coming here with Local H
  92. RIP Mazzy Star guitarist David Roback
  93. Hardcore will never die
  94. Murder by Death - 20th Anniversary Tour w/ fan curated set lists
  95. Goo Goo Dolls
  96. Do you like the guitars in this song?
  97. Walter S. - Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, Rival Schools, Walking Concert, Dead Heavens
  98. Alice in Chains' Dirt V. Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger
  99. Live Music Streams
  100. Getting into new music voluntarily
  101. New Sufjan instrumental sounds like the Pumpkins?
  102. Milli Vanilli
  103. Rita Ora - How to be Lonely
  104. Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne) has died from COVID-19
  105. Recommendations for modern rock/alternative/punk/metal bands?
  106. The Metal Thread
  107. Dogleg - Melee
  108. Lucifer's Friend (Hamburg, Germany)
  109. Jesus of Suburbia
  110. Favorite 90s band besides SP?
  111. When was the last time an actual rock (any kind) or metal band got famous?
  112. The 120 Minutes Archive
  113. Rod Stewart
  114. Fetch the Bolt Cutters
  115. test
  116. Future Teenage Cave Ninja Mutant Turtles
  117. The metal thread.
  118. Post Malone x Nirvana Tribute Live Tonight Virtually Sold Out!
  119. A Whisper in the Noise
  120. What shows did you have tickets to that have been canceled
  122. Run the Jewels 4 (RTJ4)
  123. Liz Phairís self titled record is actually good
  124. Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
  125. Neil Young - Homegrown
  126. Hum - Inlet (Released June 23, 2020)
  127. White Pony is a perfect record
  128. New Deadsy in 2021
  129. Protomartyr - Ultimate Success Today
  130. Intelligent Dance Music
  131. i got Spotify, what next, whatís good heeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeee
  133. Marilyn Manson - We Are Chaos
  134. Unintelligent Dance Music
  135. RIP, Vern Rumsey of Unwound and Household Gods
  136. RIP Justin Townes Earle
  137. Arab Strap - "The Turning of Our Bones" (new single)
  139. post your favorite 80's elektro
  140. anthems for getting fingered
  141. Prince - Sign of the Times reissue
  142. Hendrix family (and others) continue to release mediocre live recordings
  143. Monte has released an a1bum
  144. Kylie Minogue - Disco
  145. Audio Software Geek (lite) Help Needed
  146. AC/DC - Power Up
  147. new foo fighters video vs stone temple pilots
  148. Tripping Daisy - Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb
  149. The Daughters of Lot
  150. catherine lyrics
  151. catherine wheel lyrics
  152. anyone else just lay in bed at night convinced they are going to have a heart attack?
  153. butthurt's track of the day
  154. Kurt Cobain and Mazzy Star
  155. Opera
  156. the first edition of "school's out" by alice cooper came wrapped in a pair of panties
  157. best of 2020
  158. The Beatles - Get Back
  159. House of Bread's track of the day
  160. PJ Harvey
  161. Beabadoobee
  162. Song Exploder
  163. Daft Punk no more
  164. Faith no more
  165. Weezer - Tired of Sex (Tracking Rough)/Pinkerton
  166. how did you like the grammys
  167. Anybody 'round here into Ben Kweller?
  168. do any of you audio nerds know of a small CD player I can grab on Amazon
  169. Driving around with a license plate frame advertising the dealership is dumb
  170. Sweep It Into Space
  171. SPARKS
  172. CAN
  173. Billy Joel
  174. Music streaming
  175. The Killers - Pressure Machine
  177. this Portuguese festival lineup
  178. Halsey
  179. Low - Hey What
  182. Did we ever figure out what At the Drive-In were upset about?
  183. RIP chromatics
  184. Smash Mouth guy is retiring
  185. Magdalena Bay is good
  187. Ray Parker Jr. New Collection
  188. Windhand-Woodbine
  189. Fav albums by color
  190. Mods please delete "Ricky Scaggs"
  191. Ricky Skaggs
  192. Bands re-recording songs (not referring to "taylor's version")
  193. Garth Brooks' mom sings for you
  194. Kenny Rogers
  195. Young Waylon Jennings
  196. Dolly Parton gets cut off mid song by Porter Wagoner
  197. Roy Clark play Guitar, Banjo and Fiddle
  198. Hank Williams Jr. 1965
  199. Buck Owens and Don Rich - Act Naturally (live)
  200. The Highwaymen - Highwayman
  201. ALAN JACKSON RARE VIDEO 1985 ON You Can Be A Star
  202. You've Never Been This Far Before ( Conway Twitty )
  203. Little Jimmy Dickens - Sleeping At The Foot Of The Bed
  204. George Jones "She Thinks I Still Care" 1970
  205. 2021
  206. Jerry Reed - Amos Moses
  207. Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson - Pancho and Lefty
  208. Dead Flowers - Townes Van Zandt
  209. Merle Haggard - If We Make It Through December (1974)
  210. Marty Robbins Medley Hits ( With Barbara Mandrell & Louise Mandrell ) 1981
  211. Barbara Mandrell and Sisters -- Celebration
  212. Bobby Bare - Things Change
  213. Ray Stevens - "The King Is Gone (So Are You)"
  214. Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy (Official Music Video)
  215. I Wonder If God Likes Country Music - Bill Anderson And John Conlee
  216. 'Orange Blossom Special' Shoji Tabuchi | THE SHOJI TABUCHI SHOW 2001
  217. Chris Gaines - Lost In You
  218. Heavy Friends Turns 11/20
  219. Jo El Sonnier Tear Stained Letter
  220. Barry Kirwan - She Only Loves Me For My Willie
  221. Red Hot Chili Peppers - UNLIMITED LOVE
  222. Eric Woolard - Chicken Pickin Shred
  223. RIP Mark Lanegan
  224. RIP Taylor Hawkins
  225. Linkin Park
  226. Cobain's Smells Like Teen Spirit Guitar Auction
  227. Daniel Johns- FutureNever
  228. Arcade Fire - WE
  230. you've seen the woodstock 99 footage - now watch the phish coventry documentary
  231. I did a cover of How To Disappear Completely
  232. Jack White Glastonbury 2022
  233. What's your favorite opening line from an album?
  234. is rock and roll too nice?
  235. Hey Elph, Can You Answer This Question For Me?
  236. Summer Concert Series!
  237. Im a Surfer Now
  238. Im a Bird Now
  239. Is This Da Set Da SP Played DAsarm on?
  240. So the new arcade fire fucking sucks
  241. Arcade Fireís Win Butler Faces Accusations of Sexual Misconduct
  242. Muse - Will of the People
  243. Tegan and Sara covering Today
  244. Why Black People Really Love Dave Grohl
  245. Dear Tommy Dream
  246. Dream Baby Dream
  247. Taylor Hawkins LA Tribute
  248. I feel like BjŲrk has become an AI generated parody of herself from 15 years ago
  249. Pixies: Vault of Heaven
  250. Do u tend 2 listen 2 full albums or nah