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Hey guys, thanks for activating me! I'm from another music forum where we've got a Billy thread and our philosophies are not dissimilar. I went to the Phoenix show and thought I'd share some of my thoughts from the ground.

Billy's voice
My impression was that he was in fine, functional form for most of the show but he would occasionally croak. The first instance was "Stand Inside Your Love" and it was pretty noticeable during "Mayonaise" and "1979" as well. Somebody else described shitty Billy voice as having a lot of consonant-dropping and shitty vibrato and that's exactly what was going on. The "For Martha"/"To Shiela" bit was heavily assisted by the prominence of the female vocalist/keyboardist in the mix. Somebody else noted that he pulled off the "Bullet" scream - I'd bet good money that he did not. He definitely mouthed it, but in the moment it definitely sounded like it was either a backing track or a feedback screech coming in from another channel.

Jack & Jeff
Zero stage presence whatsoever. I'm sure they're nice guys. If Billy had a guitar, Jeff may as well have been mimicking playing.

Guitar Tone
Sounded fucking great. Billy's secret weapon has always been his gearhead side, which he sacrificed so everything would sound like overprocessed nu-metal shit, but that wasn't the case here.

A Level Broadway Type Production
Yeah this was goofy as hell. I mean, you've seen the videos, but let's really reflect on how Billy is making this "reunion" The Billy Show - the "Disarm" montage of childhood videos is hilarious, anytime he isn't playing guitar he's prancing around like a fat bald Mick Jagger, he's doing ridiculous costume changes (James only gets "Blew Away" so Billy can upstage him in his Michael Jackson outfit on an elevated piano), there's the Pope Billy ("Zero") statue... it's absolute insanity. You want maximum Billy ego stroking, you've got it.

I have been puzzled about this for days. Since I've been lurking Netphoria, I knew it was coming, but when it happened it was still completely befuddling. And yet it's probably the shrewdest marketing move Billy could have possibly pulled off - everyone's phones were out recording this clusterfuck. Google "Smashing Pumpkins" and they're talking about "Stairway." Jeff gets to play the big solo.

The crowd
I grabbed a cheap scalped ticket right outside the venue at 7:30 because I knew I could, but I have to say it looks like the final total wasn't too bad. The floor seemed to fill up, even though it was holding stagnant at about 3/4 sold up until the day of the show. I'm guessing a lot of tickets were sold at the door. The corner rows in the lower level were looking pretty sparse, but I would guesstimate 80-85% sold at the end of the day. Someone earlier said that the crowd looked pretty unenthused, but that's really more of a Phoenix problem than a Smashing Pumpkins problem. Most of the people in the seats chose to stand for the whole three hours which I would consider pretty high level excitement for this city. You can't get these people to headbob most of the time.

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Anybody have any clue as to when they come on stage and when the show's over? I'm sure I'll leave before the encore (untr00 fan)...


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Imagine Billy and D'arcy had actually gotten in a room together

And Billy laid out his vision of what these shows were going to look like

There's no way D'arcy doesn't laugh so hard they both die, right?

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