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Old 11-15-2017, 12:49 AM   #31
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Finally got to see the man in action tonight. Was in good form, though tucked away up stage right. Did his little joke segment about the city the band was in. Loves Montreal's scenery. Our connection to nature. Our poutine, of course. Good times. Introduced the Outsider. He tried to flick a pick down into the audience at one point but was just too far back, it bounced off the stage onto the floor. Sighed.

The two people to my right showed up halfway through the show and after a moment the girl goes..."Is...that...THE OLD GUITARIST FROM THE SMASHING PUMPKINS?" I don't know how familiar with APC she was, but...she was plainly delighted to see him up there. When I told her they might be recording next year her jaw dropped.

Wasn't a flawless show...It's incredibly off-putting to me, having rows and rows of fucking seats on the floor of an arena venue, but the no-camera policy actually made for a nice, relatively distraction-less experience. This will, yes, hopefully be only the first of several times I see James play music along with bald guys named Billy.

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Originally Posted by amoergosum View Post

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