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Default Music Radar interview with Jeff

Interesting interview with Jeff Schroeder

You got in the band when it was in a transitional phase, but pretty soon it was a brand-new lineup playing with Billy.

"Yeah, it seems transitional now in hindsight. At the time when it was Billy and Jimmy, that was very much anchored in the 20-year relationship. The musical and personal dynamic there was a lot of history there. Once Jimmy left, that was a big chance. It was a new era, and all the relationships were reconfigured. And once we found Nicole, you had those four people that Made sense together."

How did you go about trying to forge your identity as a guitarist with Billy?

"It's actually quite difficult, because within the Pumpkins, Billy's guitar is such a dominant voice. You have to work out a plan to play with him. You can either try to play like him, or you can do the other thing where you start forging an alternate voice or a counter voice to go along with that. That's been fairly difficult because I've had to play differently than I would in my own music or how I would play if I were the only guitar player.

"It's taken some time, but now, after five or six years, Billy and I rarely have to talk about what I'm doing. Through a lot of playing together and making a lot really bad mistakes, we've realized what works and what doesn't work. It feels pretty natural now, but it's something we've had to figure out. It took some doing."

I imagine it's something of a balancing act for you. Even though you joined the band and it became a new lineup, there was still an established sound.

"Oh, of course. I certainly wasn't going to walk into the room and tell Billy, 'OK, you have to reconfigure your sound for me.' That would have been absurd. [Laughs] It's very much me going, 'I have to fit into this.' It's one thing to listen to a band, but once you actually play with them and I was very, very lucky to have played with Jimmy it's totally different. You hear things in a new way. I already knew some of the songs, but in truth, I wasn't playing them correctly.

"To make the guitar parts sound like the Pumpkins is very difficult to do, even if technically it sounds easy. There's a certain feel, an attack, a certain way to play the guitar it's the reason why no other band can sound like the Pumpkins, even though they are emulated."

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