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Mr. Buchanan is a scholar and a poet. Also he's hella cute.

Shame on you, paranoid.

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group therapy
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1. BlastEcho: publishes a statement saying she is bummed out she won't be included.

2. the reaction of a ton of Bullyfans on social media: "she is lying, she certainly was never even asked to be part of it."

3. Buttcannon provides a niche platform which she chose to show that she was not lying about a reunion talk that did in fact take place.

- paranoid conclusion: Buttcannon's fault that she is not part of it. She should have just been fine with being called a liar who lost it and imagined being talked to while tripping on her horses and should have talked to a therapist instead.


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fuck barnacles
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I think I'm not paranoid.

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Originally Posted by eviltimeban View Post
They do get together at the farm. D'arcy is a bit flaky, doesn't have her gear set up properly, Billy has to tune her guitar, they jam but not much comes out of it. She hasn't got the chops. Still, he brings her back to LA to jam with the others. Again, no chemistry - she can't play very well, forgets the songs, and when they try to jam out something new, she can't keep up with Jimmy.
It's sad how that sounds a million times better than what actually happened.

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A nice video report on D'arcy's text messages, posted at Alternative Nation:

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Kumar Littlejeans
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this D’arcy being gaslit perspective is an important thing to examine, and good on this thread. There’s no reason anybody should be giving Corgan the benefit of the doubt anymore. Buuuuuut there’s another two band members here that have also not reached out to D’arcy. The story about James and Billy coming to her and suggesting a break in 1999 is revealing for the insight and also what she’s leaving out of the story. “Exhaustion” and panic attacks are usually biproducts of something, and I’m sure some of it was band pressure. But they hadn’t been touring for months at that point. And I’m not trying to point at D’arcy and say “look at that weirdo” when we think of how she looked on the Arising tour, but she clearly wasn’t just tired and anxious. When she talks about her drug history now she’s ridiculously vague and insists she was never addicted to anything. She’s even still insisting this movie with Mickey Rourke and Twiggy was a valid project. I read this interview and I see a drug addict who never got help, never admitted any addiction, whose had enough money to hide out this entire time. Why would you go out of your way to invite that into a scenario that’s already been derailed twice by this very problem. Even if the feeling here is that D’arcy has been massively wronged, she herself is laying out a timeline here that reads as “we’re inviting you back” (scene missing) “we’re not inviting you back” and she herself is responsible for the scene missing portions.

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