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Default when i met bily, and we talked

here is what Billy and I talked about that i can recall

I asked Billy what speed teargarden theme was suppose to be played at.. and he changed the subject to asking if anyone had heard the alt version Teargarden Theme that was suppose to be on the 7" with the lucky 100 gold obelisk . Since no one has seem to reportedly gotten one of the 100 by my report to him (and if there have been ones i hadn't heard anything about it.) Billy picked up his Blackberry and sent out an email right then and there to find out what happen.

EMI had done some research costing some 3 million dollars and they found out that SP has a strong core base and that the casual fan has a positive perception of Smashing Pumpkins.
He mention that the Gish box set really looked like a go. EMI had done a lot of market research and saw that doing something with Gish would make good sales. SP gave them what they would require to be an expectable deal before the 7 EMI people left. But when it came back it was so far off that Billy said that his lawyer (who happens to be a she) laughed at them and they just said screw it. And this meeting happen like a year ago,
Billy was reserved about putting out the box on his own because if the Gish box didn't sell then that could screw it for future projects

He also mention again how the music companies are looking for a new model to do business for the past 10 years with the introduction of the internet, and he felt that things are still in a change. But the thing that hasn't changed is that the bands are still being treated by the record companies, with the attitude of you need us, we don't need you. Which is completely wrong.

seven years after Billy's Warner Bro contract is expired Billy will retain all the rights to the songs from Zwan, his solo album and Zeitgeist. He owns the rights to everything Gish and pre. along with some 28 shows that were video taped (which if i recall right was before Gish came out)

Billy mention that their are pretty much instrumentals of every song post Gish that he would like to put out sometime.
He cancel the archive project because of the lack of support of the core fans. He mention a number of 300k would needed to be put into the project (that number could of just been a number), but he can't just hope that it works out without fan support. The fans need to help put the money out there first to get it going. But all the talk of "well what if it sucks?" is really what killed it

He also said he would love to go to China, but has never been made an offer.

and the best part was at one point i asked about the change of his twitter icon to the 2 horses, and he kind of laughed and said "Monte you need to spend more time with your beautiful wife"

i also joked with him about how my supportive wife was ok with us going to santa barbara.
I had told her lets go on a romantic get away to Santa Barbara on Labor Day weekend, but do u mind if we see an SP concert, they just happen to be there

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