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Old 05-17-2011, 12:49 PM   #1
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Default Record Labels Win $105M; Artists To See $0

I saw this tweeted by bc and I can't fucking believe it:

Limewire Settlement: RIAA, Record Labels Win $105M; Artists To See $0

The Recording Industry Association of America's (RIAA) ruthless pursuit of music pirates was firmly rooted in the belief that it's better to be feared than loved. Last week, defunct peer-to-peer client Limewire agreed pay $105M to the major record labels represented by the copyright watchdog for 9,715 pirated tracks, and even this was pocket change compared to the theoretical maximum of $1.46B the jury could have awarded. As if that weren't ambitious enough, the RIAA had initially wanted Limewire to pay more than the GDP of planet Earth.

But with the revelation that none of that money will go to the artists whose music was being stolen, the RIAA's methods stand to draw more contempt, likely without being responsible for the (relatively) declining rates of music piracy. The group, in other words, may soon be neither feared nor loved. It will just be annoying, since media executives acknowledge that "piracy will always be with us," and sites like and Pandora have proven that free music isn't necessarily a bad business model. The official position from the RIAA is here, and here is one response from the filesharing community.


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lol no sht.

They can easily funnel that money to go to unrecouped artists on their roster, so they would be "paying" artists without paying the artists, you know? Dirty motherfuckers.

Did you know that in the 1980s, the RIAA successfully lobbied to implement an extra tax on blank cassettes to offset lost revenue from music piracy (from tape-copying)? So every artist in the last 30 years who recorded their own music on blank cassettes, they've been paying the RIAA to do it.

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