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Old 06-15-2018, 11:03 AM   #31
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After talking to an old college roommate who is now with the DHS this is what I was told:

WakaFlock is Linda Strawberry

fuzzyrose is Chad Kroeger

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Old 06-15-2018, 11:20 AM   #32
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Didn't Strawberry post on here at one point? People were making fun of some new Pumpkins track (Widow Wake My Mind?) and she asked people to post their own music - typical Billy "Where's your song???" comeback. A bunch of people posted some good stuff and she didn't respond to any of it.

I think her username was just "Linda Strawberry".

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Old 06-15-2018, 03:57 PM   #33
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Which one of you is Stephen Malkmus

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Old 06-17-2018, 12:25 AM   #34
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I am the straw berry. Take me into custody.

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