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Arrow Best/favourite rock drummers of the 90's

A complement to the 'favorite drum fills!' thread, Iguess. This list is by no means all-inclusive - merely my picks of drummers in the past decade who have both demonstrated considerable skill and whom I enjoy listening to.

- Matt Cameron - can play some crazy weird time signatures and has a talent for making the most syncopated beats sound amazingly catchy. Some people aren't too fond of his brooding, pounding drumming style, but I personally think it fits Soundgarden's sound perfectly, and his chops can be pretty nimble and crazy if he wants them to be (case in point: "Jesus Christ Pose").

- Jimmy Chamberlin - probably my favourite overall, he's one of the more versatile drummers in rock, possibly because he has to keep up with Billy Corgan's catalogue, which is all over the place. A solid background in jazz probably comes in handy too. Jimmy manages to find the perfect beat for every song, and doesn't bother showing off his amazing technical ability when a simple yet appropriate rhythm will do. He also manages to pull off some of the craziest and most creative fills on record. His tendency to improvise when playing live always manage to make the songs sound fresh, although at times his ability to stay in time leaves something to be desired.

- Danny Carey - personally I think this guy is a robot, but nobody really believes me. Technically, this guy is perfect, and can play some of the craziest shit I've ever heard (give "Third Eye" a listen if you doubt me). What he boasts in raw skill, however, he can lack in the style department, and he tends to go a little over the top sometimes and is a little too flashy, which can get tedious at times. Nonetheless, his experimentation with Eastern and tribal rhythms really gave Tool a percussive, and highly absorbing sound on their last album. Odd time signatures are this guy's business.

- Carter Beauford - I don't listen to a lot of Dave Matthews Band, so I haven't heard a lot of this guy's stuff. What I have heard, however, completely blows me away. Much like Chamberlin, this guy strikes the perfect balance between style and technical ability, and his back catalogue is bigger than Dave Matthew's ego. A lot of Carter's work goes overlooked since he's not exorbitantly flashy (or maybe he is - again, I haven't heard enough to be sure), but he has some of the best chops out there.

- Neil Peart - I'm not really sure if Peart should count, since in retrospect, Rush were in their prime back in the 70's and 80's, but with the release of their latest album I thought I'd give him honourable mention, since he's so great. Well, what can I say? Modern Drummer readers voted him Best Rock Drummer for 4 years straight from '83-86, and rightfully so. He's nothing short of amazing, and it's hard to believe that some of his stuff was played by a human being with two arms and two legs. You can like Rush or you can have the urge to light Geddy on fire, but I doubt you can deny Peart's talent.

Meg White - heh, just kidding.

Anywho, this is all merely my opinion (which is relatively uninformed, since the only time I every played a drum set was once in grade 8 music room, after which I got kicked out for sucking so much). Feel free to critique and/or add.

and .... go!

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