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Default What's the deal with Adore Demos II?

I apologize if this has been answered already, but I'm clueless and a quick search didn't turn anything up. The tracklisting of Adore Demos II (link) is interesting for two reasons.

1. Somehow, it manages to dodge anything that wound up on Adore or Machina. Adore Demos I and the Machina Acoustic Demos are both full of tracks that wound up on their respective albums, but this one is exclusively an "outtakes" tape. We've never had a demo tape with no album tracks on it.

2. Adore Demos I is obviously pre-Adore, because it *******s early versions of For Martha, Dusty+Pete, etc. And I don't think anyone will argue if I say the Machina Acoustic Demos are obviously post-Adore. However, Adore Demos II has tracks from both. How does a tape wind up with recordings from both time periods?

I'm not trying to ask "how is this leaking out?", because that doesn't really matter and I understand if it needs to stay under wraps. I'm asking "what IS this tape?" (If the two questions are inseparable, then I apologize). I guess I'm wondering if BC made this tape, and if so - When? Why?

If nobody knows, then let's start speculating. I want to hear theories.

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