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Minion of Satan
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Growing up and getting drum pointers from Jimmy Chamberlin and playing on his own kit. What a privilege!

One day he's gonna look back on those photos with a big smile!

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Butt Pope
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I don’t read Reddit I’m not a white supremacist or libertarian fedora salesman

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Butt Pope
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So I went to the Sota show tonight. My two cents is below.

Bad or needs improvement:
More Katie Cole harmonies would be good
The show drrrraaaaggged from blew away until cherub rock
Some songs seemed slowed down - rocket and porcelina, for example
Could have done without try try try and TBITEITB- killed momentum that had been regained going into final stretch
For a show that is “timed to the minute” there sure was a lot of down time between songs. Lordy the whole show suffered from a lack of constant flow.

The good:
Billy’s voice was good overall. A little high in the mix chuckle chuckle. No screams and plenty of dropped constinents, but damn he was mostly into it
James shreds
Billy shreds
Jimmy is a God
Jeff was fine
Jack Bates is named Jack and owns at least one bass guitar
The main blonde in the videos is stacked and To Shiela was sexy even though I was bored

Overall we got our $88 total cost worth. Also the idiotic 52 year old shitfaced woman behind me paid $440 for two fucking upper deck tickets because she bought from a ticket master reseller even though there were like 60 open seats in our section. She was annoying AF and probably black out drunk and I felt bad for her adult son who was trying to rein her in. Her favorite song on Mellon Collie is Soma - she told me.

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