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Default David Berman - Silver Jews and Purple Mountains thread

All 6 Silver Jews albums are worth listening to and have top notch songs to discover. I would recommend the first 3 albums in chronological order and then go from there. I heard Drag City started streaming in 2017 so perhaps they are on Spotify as well.

David returned from a 10 year hiatus and released the amazing Purple Mountains album this past July.

Here's a recent 58 minute podcast interview.

The Ringer article posted in the Purple Mountains thread.

His recent AMA.

I'm crushed and haven't been able to think clearly since finding out he past Tuesday night. Drag City announced it that afternoon but I had left work / wasn't reading the internet and had no idea. I was very much looking forward to seeing him for the first time (never thought it would be possible) and asking him permission to record the show. This really hurts. Not that the tour isn't happening but the fact that he is gone forever.

I'll post some very individual songs later and I hope others do the same. Had the opportunity to see Silver Jews and want to talk about it? Have a David story, interview or article to share? Live videos? Please do so if feel like doing so. Thank you.

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Troubles, no troubles, on the line
And I can't stand to see you
I can't stand to see you when you're crying at home
Scotch and Penecilin, please try Carlton
a cold black maple hanger and husbands on the run
I just got back from a dream attack
that took me by suprise
and in there I met a lady her name was Shady Sides,
and she said
"It's been evening all day long,
It's been evening all day long
and how can something so old, be so wrong?"
Sin and gravity
drag me down to sleep to dream of trains across the sea
trains across the sea
half hours on earth, what are they worth?
I don't know
In 27 years I've drunk 50, 000 beers
and they just wash against me
like the sea into a pier

If you got a message
Leave your name and number
And we'll get back to you

Sleep on your back and ash in your shoes
And always use the old sense of the words
Your third drink will lead you astray
Wandering down the backstreets of the world

On the last day of your life
Don't forget to die
The things that you do
Will always make your mama cry.

Well, I know you got a lot of hope for
The new men
The new men

So you've got no friends and you wander through the night
And now you watch the sunrise through a rifle-sight
Well, don't believe in people who say it's all been done
They have time to talk because their race is run

So get in some licks
And hold your head up
And soon you'll be drinkin' from that crystal cup
Well, I know you got a lot of hope for
The new men

Well, I know you got a lot of hope for
The new men

Good morning to the new world

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Old 08-15-2019, 10:36 AM   #3
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Just going to put some more links here for future reference.

Drag City's Eulogy - The label David had been on since 1994, all official releases of Silver Jews and Purple Mountains came from them.

Friends and Bandmates Reflect on the Life of David Berman - This is out of Nashville where David lived for nearly two decades to I'm looking forward to reading it.

The history of the film that documented Silver Jews’ earliest live shows - This contains present day talks with the producers of the documentary which was released in 2007. The article also has links to several interviews.

Thoughts from Marc Maron.

David Berman Saw the Source of American Sadness

At some point I want to listen to some of these but it's 5 hours worth of phone interviews so I'm not sure how much I can take in one sitting without breaking down like a brokenhearted fool.

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